Visitor Surveys

Why carry out a Visitor Survey?

As an attraction, knowing what your visitors think is crucial to ensure they enjoy their visit, return for a second visit, and tell other people about their experience. By undertaking visitor surveys, you can gain valuable information such as:

  • Who your visitors are and where they come from
  • What your visitors think to the attraction
  • What your visitors’ motivation was to visit the attraction
  • Visitor experience and their journey whilst at the attraction
  • What could be improved about the attraction


Of course, research with visitors does not have to just take the form of a survey. More in-depth approaches, such a discussion groups and interviews, can be taken to find out exactly how visitors experience the attraction.

If you would like any advice or support on carrying out a visitor survey, or any other research within your visitor attraction, please get in touch.


Why Enventure Research?

Enventure is an independent market research company, providing research, engagement and consultation for a range of organisations from museums, libraries and galleries, to local authorities and NHS organisations. Clients have benefited from Enventure’s years of experience of undertaking a wide range of surveys, delivering research findings that are insightful, meaningful, and easy to digest and understand. 

We work closely with clients to develop effective surveys that incorporate well-designed questions to provide feedback and results that actually mean something.  Surveys can be face-to-face, online, postal or via telephone. Qualitative research, such as focus groups or in-depth interviews, can also be held which allow particular issues to be explored in more depth.

By working with an independent research company to carry out your visitor survey, it sends a clear message that you value the views and opinions of your customers and want to hear exactly what they think, not just through rose-tinted glasses!  The results and findings of the research will be far more valid, which visitors will appreciate. 


Click here to download Enventure's visitor survey leaflet and case study