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A Successful Consultation for Braintree District Council

Enventure recently completed of a successful programme of consultation with residents and businesses across the Braintree District.  Enventure was commissioned by Braintree District Council
to consult with residents and businesses to understand their priorities, needs and expectations of their Council and its services.

Residents and businesses in Halstead, Witham and Braintree have been having their say about what they think needs improving in the area to ensure A Corporate Strategy 2012-16 reflects the views and opinions of local residents and businesses.

Enventure’s Research Manager, Dr Joanne Harvatt, conducted the consultation during October and November 2011.  The programme included:

  • A residents’ online and postal survey – involving over 1,000 residents and over 100 businesses across the Braintree District
  • Five focus groups with residents to discuss issues in more depth
  • Two focus groups with businesses operating across theDistrict

The consultation was positively received by residents and businesses alike, with the following feedback received from a local business representative:

“Joanne has proven a skilful and sympathetic facilitator during local government business focus groups.  She has dealt with the diverse business participants with a good degree of empathy and understanding”

The findings of the consultation are now being used by Braintree District Council to inform
the development of their Corporate Strategy 2012-16.  Enventure’s research report will be made available on the Braintree District Council website early
in 2012.

Evaluation of ‘Think About Your Drinking’ Campaign for NHS Kirklees

Enventure is currently working with NHS Kirklees to evaluate itsnew health campaign, encouraging parents to think about their drinking and theimpact that it can have on their children and coping with family life.

Thecampaign, called ‘Think about your Drinking’ was developed by NHS Kirkleesbased on initial scoping research provided by Enventure earlier this year.  The research found that a campaign targeting parents, focusing on the affect drinking can have on their children, could potentially have the biggest impact on changing drinking behaviours and, perhaps more importantly,encouraging people to really start to think about their
drinking habits.

Parentswho drink regularly or drink too much in one sitting can end up behavingdifferently around their children, and research shows that children learn about
drinking from their parents and family from a young age. The‘Think about ’ campaign was launched on Friday 2 December in Huddersfield with a street theatre event, and includes a poster and advertising campaign, website and Facebook page.


Enventure is now carrying out an evaluation of this campaign by conducting on street interviews with Huddersfield residents to find out what they think to the
campaign and whether it encourages them to think about their drinking habits,particularly in the run up to Christmas. It addition to the on street survey,Enventure will also be recruiting residents to take part in a ‘Research Collective’ where respondents are involved in a four week programme of research, including depth interviews, completing drinking diaries, responding to text and picture messages, and taking part in Facebook discussions.

The findings of this evaluation research will be used to help NHS Kirklees understand the success of the campaign and whether this kind of approach would be suitable to be rolled out to other areas of the district.

Supporting Gloucestershire’s Community Reward Incentive Scheme

Gloucestershire Waste Partnership has recently been successful in securing funding from Defra’s Household Reward and Recognition Fund to trial an incentive scheme to increase recycling.
Gloucestershire scheme, called Community Reward Incentive Scheme (CRIS), will be trialled in Cheltenham, Gloucester, Stroud and
Tewkesbury and will start in March 2012 and finish in November 2012.


Enventure has been commissioned to undertake the research and evaluation part of the project, which has started with a residents survey, participation monitoring and focus groups.  Findings from the first phase of research will help develop the project.  Early 2013, the project will be evaluated using the same research approach.


Commenting on the recent win, Mark Robinson of Enventure said
“We are really excited to be working on one of the projects funded through
Defra’s Household Reward and Recognition Fund and to be working with the
Partnership once again.  This project will be a really interesting project
to work on and will provide some interesting insight into how community
incentives will help increase recycling levels.


recycle gloucestershire


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Leeds Museums and Galleries Visitor Survey

has recently been commissioned to once again work with Leeds City Council to
carry out a visitor survey at all its museums and galleries. It has been four
years since the last visitor survey, and in that time Leeds has acquired new
sites – Leeds City Museum and the Discovery Centre – making this piece of
research vital to discover who customers are and what their impressions and
experience are of the service they receive.

is carrying out exit interviews with visitors at eight museums and galleries
which, in total, receive almost 800,000 visitors each year. Random sampling
will be employed to ensure a representative sample of visitors is achieved.

The information gained from this research will be used
by Leeds City Council to help them improve the museum service, enable greater
understanding of who visitors are and their motivation to visit, grow visitor
numbers, attract ‘harder to reach’ audiences and tailor marketing planning and
promotion to target audiences.


Blackburn with Darwen 2011 Residents’ Survey gets underway

Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council has recently
commissioned Enventure to undertake its Residents’ Survey which will provide baseline
monitoring of issues reflected in the Council’s 2030 Vision.   Residents
are currently being asked questions on safety & crime, the local area,
volunteering, public transport, internet use, and why they live in the

A mixture of telephone interviews with residents over 25, and
face to face interviews with 16 -24 year olds, to ensure a true representation
is achieved, are being carried out thoughout November.


Enventure passes ISO 9001 Quality Audit with flying colours!

Enventure has recently had an audit of its ISO 9001 Quality
Management System and has once again, passed with flying colours!  The Quality Management System has been in place since the company began and supports the delivery of projects, providing clients with the knowledge that projects are delivered professionally and to an extremely high standard.
Commenting on the recent successful audit, Mark Robinson, Managing Director said “Everyone works hard to ensure that the QMS is embedded into our working practices and we are really pleased that this is officially recognised”.


Engage, communicate and consult with your residents

Engage, communicate and consult with your residentswordle5a


For years, councils have been telling their residents to recycle as much as possible, and rightly so given that some authorities have achieved recycling rates in excess of 50%.


Recycling performance has increased dramatically in the last 20 years, a very encouraging statistic. But as we all know, recycling is not the best option when thinking about long term waste management strategies.


Preventative methods of waste reduction and reuse are where we need to be aiming if we want to find a truly sustainable way of managing our waste.


One thing that we’ve noticed recently whilst carrying out research and engagement work for local authority clients is that there’s a definite shift in focus when it comes to perceptions of waste management towards reuse and reduction.


Two recent examples of this include our work for Merseyside Waste Disposal Authority and Cheshire West and Chester Council.


Merseyside Waste Disposal Authority, on behalf of the Merseyside and Halton Waste Partnership, commissioned Enventure to undertake a large-scale three month public consultation called Don’t Waste Your Say into how household waste should be managed on Merseyside over the next 30 years.  The consultation raised some really interesting issues and the findings are being used to develop the Joint Municipal Waste Management Strategy, where waste prevention will play a big part.  Click here to visit the Don’t Waste Your Say consultation website.


Cheshire West and Chester Council, with an excellent recycling rate, wanted to take the next step and encourage residents to reduce waste in the first place.  The council launched a new initiative, the 100 Days Reduction Waste Reduction Challenge, aimed at encouraging residents to reduce their waste by just 1kg a month rather than simply just focusing on recycling.  The challenge also encouraged community groups to get involved and arrange events such as ‘swap days’ to promote reuse and waste reduction.  Click here to visit the 100 Day Waste Reducation Challenge website.


Clearly, encouraging residents to adopt waste prevention and reuse habits is a challenge, but then again, so was introducing them to recycling – something which now, for most, is second nature.  This was achieved, in part, by ongoing communication and direct engagement with residents ensuring they fully understood the service.  Reduced budgets and resources have of course made this kind of activity tricky, but results speak for themselves.


If you are planning to engage or communicate with your residents, then we can help in a variety of ways, as we have already done so for:

Shropshire Council – targeted an area of low capture, 1,000 residents in Oswestry and speaking to 80%


Enfield Council – support changes in the recycling collection scheme (low and high rise properties)

Guildford Council – engaging with residents in low performing areas



If you would like to chat about any ideas you have or simply want to find out how we could help you, either email, telephone 01484 404797, or complete the online contact form and we’ll call you back.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Evaluating NHS Hull’s ‘Smoke’s No Joke’ Website

NHS Hull
has commissioned Enventure to carry out a programme of research to evaluate
their Smoke’s No Joke website.

by local teachers and students, the website communicates information on the
issues surrounding smoking and tobacco and is an interactive resource covering
everything from health issues and impacts on family life to bullying and
tobacco related crime.


In order to
evaluate the website, Enventure plan to carry out a qualitative and
quantitative approach, including focus groups, in depth interviews and an
online survey. Students and teachers from both primary and secondary schools
and parents will be encompassed within the evaluation.

Enventure’s Recycling Engagement Featured on BBC Radio Shropshire

Enventure’s most recent public engagement campaign, speaking with
Oswestry residents in Shropshire to help them overcome barriers to recycle, got
underway yesterday and attracted the attention of the BBC.

BBC Radio Shropshire came out onto the street with our team leader
on the project, Elizabeth Austwick, in order to find out more about what the
campaign involved, why it was taking place and how Enventure aimed to help
Shropshire Council increase recycling rates in the area. They even accompanied
our team when visiting residents to get a real idea of what goes on when
doorstepping members of the public.

The broadcast, which went out on 28 June, can be listened to below:

Enventure on BBC Radio Shropshire by enventure