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Residents in Western Riverside Now Clear on What Can Be Recycled


Over 15,000 residents in London’s Western Riverside (Lambeth, Hammersmith & Fulham, Kensington & Chelsea and Wandsworth) have recently received a visit from one of Enventure’s knowledgeable Recycling Canvassers, providing them with help and advice on what can and cannot be recycled.  During the whole of November, over 50,000 residents were visited and 15,379 spoken to by one of Enventure’s team, with the emphasis on helping reduce the amount of contamination in the bags of recycling from residents.


An Insightful Online Survey of the Town Planning Profession

The Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) recently appointed Enventure Research to conduct a survey of its members, in order to gain useful information about aspects of RTPI membership such as members awareness of and use of services, reasons for membership and participation in RTPI activities.


The survey was designed by the RTPI and Enventure Research and was hosted online for a four-week period in October 2013. This was made available to all RTPI members (approximately 23,000 members) via a variety of methods and an overall response rate of 25% was achieved, with 5,718 members participating in the research an excellent response rate which provided confident statistical analysis.


Enventure Research provided detailed analysis of the survey results, allowing a clear picture of RTPI members to be established. A research report detailed the complete findings and further recommendations.



Successful Resident Engagement in Newry and Mourne, NI


Enventure Research has recently worked with Newry
and Mourne District Council
to assist them in conducting a door-to-door recycling communication campaign.  Newry and Mourne
District Council provides recycling and waste services to approximately 38,000 properties within the District, collecting recycling, residual, food and garden waste.  The Council are committed to improving recycling and composting targets further and therefore wished to promote their services to residents via a door-to-door campaign.
Enventure’s trained recycling promoters visited approximately 7,000 properties within the District and engaged with 4,012 residents over a four-week period during October/November 2013.  A face-to-face questionnaire was administered by recycling promoters in order to collect useful data about residents’ attitudes to and opinions about recycling.

The team promoted the recycling services available to residents and
provided information about which materials can and cannot be recycled in the
different recycling containers.  They were also able to take orders for any replacement recycling containers needed by residents.
Enventure Research provided in-depth analysis of the survey results.  A full research report was delivered which outlined the findings and recommendations. This will be used by the Council to shape future service developments and delivery.

The Second Year of Conducting the GDC Annual Survey


The General Dental Council (GDC) has commissioned
Enventure Research to undertake their Annual Survey of Registrants for a second year, in order to collect useful data about the views and opinions of GDC registrants.  The findings from the survey will be used to help the GDC improve its performance and shape its future work.
A representative sample of GDC registrants will be
drawn from the GDC Register and invited to participate in the survey
online.  Where applicable, results from the 2013 survey will be compared with the results from the 2011 and 2012 surveys.

Following the survey, a programme of in-depth qualitative research will be conducted, in the form of focus groups and telephone interviews with dental professionals.

Engaging Residents in London’s Western Riverside

Western Riverside Waste Authority, the waste collection authority for Hammersmith & Fullham, Kensington & ChelseaLambeth and Wandsworth Councils, has recently appointed Enventure to carry out doorstep engagements with residents across all four London Boroughs.   Enventure’s dedicated engagement team will knock on 50,000 doors, talking to residents about recycling with a focus on making sure residents are not contminating recycling bags with the wrong recycling materials.



Barnet Council Appoints Enventure for Large Scale Resident Engagement

We are extremely pleased to announce that after a rigorous tendering exercise, Enventure has been appointed by the London Borough of Barnet to manage its large scale resident engagement project to support its new recycling scheme.   The campaign will start on Tuesday 15 October to coincide with the launch of the new recycling scheme and will involve knocking on 102,000 doors throughout the Borough, speaking with 40,800 residents (40%).



Enventure Commissioned to Undertake Survey of Town Planners

Enventure Research has been commissioned by the Royal Town Planning Institude (RTPI) to collect key data about its members in order to develop a wider understanding about RTPI membership and the current state of the profession, which will allow it to more effectively represent its members and the wider profession and support membership growth.  The RTPI is the UK’s leading planning body of spatial, sustainable and inclusive planning, with approximately 23,000 members.


The membership survey will be conducted online and will be administered to as many RTPI members as possible, both national and international, in order to gain a good response rate.  The survey will collect membership data on key areas, including salary, role, type of employer, location and expertise/specialisation.  The survey is due to commence in October 2013.



Antrim Borough Council has appointed Enventure Research to conduct a targeted

Antrim Borough Council has appointed Enventure Research to conduct a targeted, door to door, recycling awareness campaign to promote and encourage recycling within the Borough.


Antrim Borough Council has already taken a number of positive steps towards meeting its obligations, including the provision of kerbside recycling
services for dry recyclables and organic waste. The campaign is being funded by the Northern Ireland Rethink Waste Revenue Fund 20012/13.


Throughout February and March 2013, 16,000 households will be contacted by a professional team of recycling promoters, who will promote segregation of waste and separation of compostable and recyclable materials whilst maximising and encouraging public action, and their contribution, to environmental protection within the Borough.


Nottinghamshire CC extends annual survey for a further year

Nottinghamshire County Council has extended its Annual Resident Satisfaction survey contract with Enventure Research for a further year.The 2013 survey will include stakeholders such as Nottinghamshire County Council, Broxtowe Borough Council, Bassetlaw District Council, Police and Crime Commissioner and Bassetlaw NHS.


The research will be conducted via face-to-face interviews with 1,200 residents, representative of the County’s population in terms of age, gender, ethnicity and working status.


The survey will build Nottinghamshire County Council’s understanding of resident’s satisfaction and attitudes towards value for money, communication, safety and well-being. The insight from the survey will also allow the Council to benchmark with their previous Place Surveys and with other Councils across the county. All interviews will be completed during October 2013.


For further information on undertaking resident surveys, please conact Mark Robinson on 01484 404797.