Monthly Archives: April 2014

Enventure Appointed to Deliver Catch22 Customer Feedback Research


Enventure Research has recently been appointed by Catch22, a large social enterprise charity operating in England and Wales, to undertake customer feedback research with their primary audience of local authority commissioners.  Catch22 helps people to turn their lives around by working with young people and families who are in tough situations, delivering a wide range of services, including National Citizen Service, leaving care, drug/alcohol and missing services, high level family support and domestic abuse support.
All of the services provided by Catch 22 have been commissioned by local authority commissioners from across the UK.  Catch22 wishes to gain insight into commissioners’ perceptions and experiences of the quality of Catch22 services, therefore allowing planning for further improvements in the services offered by the charity.


Enventure will offer a mixed method approach in order to explore feedback from a selection of commissioner customers, utilising an online survey, quantitative telephone interviews and in-depth telephone interviews.  Enventure will undertake comprehensive quantitative and qualitative analysis of the results, providing a full research report detailing the findings, conclusions and recommendations.

Mobile Site User Testing Survey for the General Dental Council


The General Dental Council (GDC) recently commissioned
Enventure Research to undertake an online survey of its registrants to test a new mobile website.

As part of their registration with the GDC, all dental professionals agree to adhere to a set of professional standards set by the GDC which aim to protect both patients and dental professionals. A new version of these standards came into effect in September 2013.

A mobile site was been developed to allow GDC registrants to access the standards via mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. Before launching the site, the GDC wished to test what it is like to use the site with a sample of registrants to ensure it was accessible and user friendly.

Prior to completing the survey, respondents were asked to thoroughly test the mobile site using either a smart phone or tablet device to ensure they provided useful and relevant feedback.  A large number of dental professionals took part in the mobile site user testing survey within a short timeframe, quickly providing valuable feedback to the GDC about the mobile site before launch.

Enventure Research conducted this research for the GDC within very tight timescales, providing the organisation with further useful and actionable findings.

Enventure appointed to the Local Government Association Research Framework

The Local Government Association (LGA), which exists to support, promote and improve local government, has appointed Enventure Research to meet the current and emerging needs of the sector and the LGA by appointing them to its Research Framework.  This will involve comprehensive programmes of research and analytical activity and focus research relating to children and young people.


The Local Government Association plays a lead role in improvement and innovation so that local authorities can continue to make a difference in their local areas and to the lives of their residents and Enventure Research is looking forward to being at the forefront of this research.