Monthly Archives: May 2014

Two-Phase Satisfaction Research on behalf of Affinity Sutton

Enventure Research has been commissioned to conduct a series of surveys on behalf of Affinity Sutton Group, one of the largest independent providers of affordable housing in England.


Affinity Sutton provides over 57,000 properties in more than 120 local authority areas throughout the country. Over the next year Affinity Sutton will be coping improvements works and community investments activities on three of its estates.  To understand the impact that these actions may have on local communities, Affinity Sutton wishes to conduct a series of short investigative surveys both before and after the work and activities are carried out.  The surveys will aim to develop an understanding of residents’ satisfaction with their neighbourhood and will allow any changes in attitudes and opinions to be measured.


Enventure will conduct a two-phase survey of Affinity Sutton residents living on specific estates to measure levels of satisfaction, recording resident opinions both before and after any interventions.  The surveys will explore positive and negative aspects of the residents’ local area and identify common suggestions for practical changes and improvements, achieving a sample size of at least 25% of each of the selected estate populations.



Enventure Appointed for Large Scale Doorstepping in Merton


Merton London Borough Council has recently commissioned Enventure Research to undertake a door-to-door recycling communication campaign.

The Council offers a comingled recycling scheme and food waste collection service to all households and currently recycles 39% of its household waste.  The authority has a target to recycle 42.5% by 2016.  To increase participation in the recycling scheme and generally increase recycling, the Council is launching the new Mega Recycle Incentive Scheme.  This web-based interactive scheme will offer residents the opportunity for substantial and frequent personal and community rewards for recycling.  By signing up online and pledging to recycle as much of their waste as possible, residents will be entered into a prize draw with the potential to win cash prizes.

Enventure’s experienced recycling promoters staff will speak to residents on their doorstep, raising awareness about recycling and the Mega Recycle Incentive Scheme, aiming to encourage participation and increase the range and amount of waste recycled.  They will encourage residents to sign up to the incentive scheme and offer residents the opportunity to order new or replacements recycling containers.  Recycling promoters will make visits to approximately 83,000 households, aiming to make contact with around 29,000 households.

Resident Engagement Campaign in North West Leicestershire

Enventure Research has been appointed to undertake a door-to-door recycling communications campaign on behalf of North West Leicestershire District Council, in partnership with the Leicestershire Waste Partnership.


The Waste Partnership wishes to change the recycling behaviour of residents in Leicestershire by means of a doorstep campaign, and has a target of sending 58% of municipal waste for recycling, reuse or composting by 2017. This project is intended to act as a preliminary trial to inform the effectiveness of the doorstepping method, as well as the viability of potentially larger scale doorstepping projects in the future.


Enventure Research’s trained recycling promoters will target approximately 8,000 properties from a number of waste collection rounds, engaging with at least 30% of households. The promoters will discuss the recycling scheme with residents, answering any questions and providing additional clarification about what can and cannot be recycled.  Recycling and refuse tonnages will be monitored before and after the doorstepping period in order to assess the effectiveness of the engagement campaign.



Enventure appointed to deliver customer feedback research on behalf of Catch22


Enventure Research has recently been appointed
by Catch22, a large social enterprise charity working in England and Wales, to
undertake customer feedback research with their primary audience of local authority commissioners.  Catch22 helps people to turn their lives around by working with young people and families who are in tough situations, delivering a wide range of services, including National Citizen Service, leaving care, drug/alcohol and missing services, highlevel family support and domestic abuse support.


All of the services provided by Catch 22 have been commissioned by local authority commissioners across the country.  Catch22 wishes to to gain insight into commissioners’ perceptions and experiences of the quality of Catch22 services,
therefore allowing planning for further improvements in the services offered by
the charity.


Enventure will offer a mixed method approach in order to explore feedback from a selection of commissioner customers,utilising an online survey, quantitative telephone interviews and in-depth telephone interviews.  Enventure will undertake comprehensive quantitative and qualitative analysis of the results, providing a full research report detailing the findings, conclusions and recommendations.

Understanding Awareness of Air Pollution in Sheffield


Enventure Research is currently working with Sheffield City Council to undertake research with Sheffield residents to understand levels of awareness of air pollution.
The Council has secured funding from Defra to plan, implement and deliver an Air Quality campaign prior to the implementation of a proposed Low Emission Zone in the city. The campaign will aim to raise awareness of air pollution and encourage the public to do more to reduce pollution levels and do more to protect themselves from air pollution.
The research provided by Enventure will establish levels of awareness both before and after the Air Quality campaign to allow results to be compared and the impact of the campaign to be evaluated. An on street approach is being taken, interviewing a representative sample of Sheffield residents in areas that have been identified as suffering from high levels of air pollution.