Yearly Archives: 2015

Evaluating the Christmas campaign in Manchester for the second year in a row

Enventure Research are delighted to have been commissioned once again by Manchester City Council in conjunction with Marketing Manchester to deliver research evaluating the Christmas campaign throughout Manchester.


In line with the previous year, the research will seek to understand how the Christmas campaign influences people to choose to visit Manchester during the run-up to Christmas, the impact of various events taking place in the city centre, visitor satisfaction in the run-up to Christmas and the subsequent economic impact of the Christmas campaign, and the boost it provides to the local economy. A total of 800 interviews will take place throughout December across six sampling points.


Once the fieldwork has been completed, Enventure Research will provide Manchester City Council with a full report of the data, including comparisons with the previous year so that Manchester City Council are able to measure the influence of the Christmas campaign and make decisions about any future Christmas campaigns.

Cottenham Parish Council Neighbourhood Development Plan Survey

Enventure Research has recently been commissioned to deliver research on behalf of Cottenham Parish Council.


There are approximately 6,400 residents residing in 2,700 properties across the Cambridgeshire village of Cottenham. Enventure Research will design the self-completion questionnaire in partnership with Cottenham Parish Council, which will be available in both paper and online format to ensure every household has the opportunity to take part. This questionnaire will seek to consult residents about issues, priorities and ideas, as well as evaluate likes and dislikes and satisfaction with living in the village.


Responses from the completed surveys will contribute towards the initial draft of the Neighbourhood Development Plan, which sets out the community’s vision over the next 15 years.

Exploring the views of students for the Royal Institute of Town Planning

The Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) has recently commissioned Enventure Research again to conduct an online questionnaire for students studying courses related to town planning.


This survey aims to find out about students’ views on career and course choices and how students feel about the planning profession, as well as views on membership of the Royal Town Planning Institute and how becoming a member could help them now and in the future.


Feedback from the questionnaire responses will enable the RTPI to make decisions on how to shape the future experience of their members.

Exploring barriers to NHS Health Checks for Leicester City Council

Enventure will be working with Leicester City Council to gain valuable insight from Leicester residents about the NHS Health Check programme in order to design new communications material.


This work will be delivered in phases over a four month period, focusing on gathering qualitative data through focus groups and workshops to explore awareness and experiences of NHS Health Checks, barriers towards attending them and what communication messages would encourage more Leicester residents to take up the offer. A total of six focus groups will take place in the first phase, ensuring that target audience is represented by engaging with separate male and female groups with different ages and ethnicities.


Once Leicester City Council are provided with the findings from the focus groups, a feedback workshop will also be delivered in order to help shape Leicester City Council’s new design of communications materials. Further focus groups will test and evaluate these designs, using original participants from the first phase of focus groups.

Public consultation for London Borough of Barnet Council’s library services

Enventure Research will be providing support to the London Borough of Barnet Council during their ten week public consultation on the proposed new library model.


Two questionnaires, available in an online and paper format, will be developed by Enventure Research in conjunction with Barnet Council for the quantitative phase of the consultation. One of these questionnaires will be for the public and library users, with the other being specifically designed for young people. As well as this, Enventure Research will run five focus groups throughout November to discuss issues about the future of Barnet’s libraries in more depth.


Findings from this consultation will aid Barnet Council’s decision making on how to shape the future of the library services throughout the Borough.

New Economy Manchester, Greater Manchester Police and Manchester City Council teaming up with Enventure for night time visitor survey

Enventure Research is pleased to be working with New Economy Manchester, Greater Manchester Police and Manchester City Council to deliver a night time visitor survey in various points throughout Manchester city centre.


Enventure Research’s team of experienced interviewers will be conducting fieldwork every Friday and Saturday night for 4 weeks throughout November. A total of 1,100 visitors will be interviewed using a short questionnaire designed by Enventure Research to find out why people visit the city centre at night, which areas they visit and how they travel throughout the city.


Detailed results will be delivered in a report and presentation in order to provide a robust evidence base for future decision-making and clear direction for the management of Manchester city centre’s night time economy.


Bolton Metropolitan Borough Council enlists help of Enventure for electoral canvassing

Enventure Research was recently commissioned by Bolton MBC to deliver a programme of electoral canvassing over a period of 3 weeks.


In 2014 a new system of electoral registration came in whereby those wishing to register had to provide their date of birth and national insurance number which was then compared to details held by the Department of Work and Pensions. Approximately 20% of Bolton electorate were not registered in this way. Enventure Research’s experienced canvassing team are covering a total of 16 wards across Bolton in order to encourage these residents to join the electoral register if they haven’t already done so.


Bolton MBC are hoping for more residents to sign up to the electoral register so that they are able to enjoy privileges such as voting and obtain certain public services.

Derby City Council working with Enventure on the consultation about the future of the library service

Enventure Research is due to begin working with Derby City Council to consult with Derby residents about the future of the library service.


The consultation period will last for 12 weeks between December and February and involve both quantitative and qualitative methodologies. Enventure Research aims to gather a minimum of 3,000 completed questionnaires from people who live in Derby, from both paper and online versions of the questionnaire designed by Enventure Research. Following this, Enventure Research will also be conducting focus groups with a small selection of Derby residents, including school children and library staff, to add further insight to the questionnaire responses.


Enventure will provide Derby City Council with a detailed report on the consultation findings in order to feed into the Council’s libraries strategic review.


The second phase of the consultation is due to take place next summer.

Improving access to primary health care in Wakefield District Consultation

Central Government wants the public to be able to see or talk to a GP practice seven days a week, with the aim of making sure everybody has equal access to primary care and an equally good experience, regardless of time or place.


NHS Wakefield Commissioning Group has started to look at how it can improve primary care in the Wakefield District, as well as look at other care such as urgent care.  Part of this process has involved undertaking a consultation with members of the public and local organisations in the Wakefield District.


Enventure Research has been commissioned to support the consultation process, undertaking independent analysis and reporting and providing recommendations based on the consultation’s findings.

Matt achieves Market Research Society Certified Membership

We are pleased to announce that Matt Thurman, Enventure’s Research Director, has achieved Certified Membership status from the Market Research Society.


Certified status is the professional membership grade of MRS, recognising Matt’s wealth of experience in social and market research and academic achievement.


Matt’s new level of membership also further cements Enventure Research’s position as an MRS Company Partner, ensuring that the company abides by the MRS Code of Conduct and commits to the very highest research standards.