Monthly Archives: May 2015

Additional Priority Neighbourhoods Survey for Affinity Sutton

Enventure Research is once again working with Affinity Sutton to deliver a neighbourhood survey, this time with its residents living in Warrington, to find out what their current opinion of their local area is. The survey, which is being administered by telephone, aims to gain satisfaction levels from Affinity Sutton residents on a range of local issues and identify any common suggestions for practical changes and improvements.


The same survey has already been conducted by Enventure Research with residents on three estates in Bromley and South Shields.



This initial survey will create a baseline and will be repeated in 2016 following the completion of important improvement works and community investment activities by Affinity Sutton to see if the opinions of residents have changed as a result.

Waverley Citizens’ Panel – Your Voices, Your Choices

Enventure Research is delighted to announce details about their first piece of research with Waverley Borough Council. Enventure Research was commissioned in April to carry out the recruitment for Waverley Borough Council’s Citizens’ Panel – Your Voices, Your Choices. The Citizens’ Panel is designed to allow Waverley residents have their voices heard surrounding issues within their Borough.


Between 1000-1300 people will be recruited to the panel by Enventure Research through postal, online and face-to-face surveys. Once the Citizens’ Panel is set up, which will be representative of Waverley residents, members will be asked to take part in approximately two consultations per year.

Enventure’s research provides Calderdale Council with an understanding of behaviours and attitudes to Health in Calderdale

Enventure Research successfully undertook important research for Calderdale Council to understand barriers and motivations of Calderdale residents around physical activity, healthy lifestyles, weight loss, active travel and cycling and road safety, to help plan future steps in behaviour change in these areas.


The research involved an on-street survey to establish residents’ views and perceptions followed by a series of focus groups to discuss the topics in greater detail.  Some of the findings include:


  • Participation in exercise was relatively high, but many found it difficult to exercise due to childcare and working patterns.
  • People wanted to see flexible and lower cost memberships at sporting facilities.
  • Many people wanted to cycle more but did not cycle on the roads for safety reasons and wanted more dedicated, safer cycle lanes.
  • Participants believed better communication of what health and exercise related events were happening around the area would encourage them to do more exercise.
  • Many participants could see the benefits of the introduction of the new 20mph speed limit