Monthly Archives: May 2016

Further research for the General Optical Council with Optical Professionals

The General Optical Council (GOC) has appointed Enventure Research to undertake a survey to help it understand the views and experiences of its approximately 29,000 registrants. The GOC is the regulator of optical professions in the UK, and aims to protect and promote the health and safety of patients and the public. This is the second project that Enventure Research will be delivering on behalf of the GOC, following the recent public perceptions survey.


An online survey will be used to gather information about registrants’ views, perceptions and experiences relating to the GOC and daily challenges faced in clinical practice. Additional qualitative research, in the form of focus groups, and in-depth telephone interviews, will supplement the findings from the online survey and provide greater insight.


The research will provide the GOC with an understanding of how it can better engage with its registrants, highlight training and education needs and help identify any pressures that may prevent registrants from meeting GOC set standards.


The findings ofthe research will be communicated in the form of a comprehensive report and a presentation to the GOC.

Understanding how individuals seek health advice and prepare for future care

The North East Lincolnshire CCG has commissioned Enventure Research to design, deliver and report on its ‘Information and Advice Strategy’ survey. The survey will cover topics such as wellbeing, information and advice sources, preferred methods of seeking information and planning for future care.


Paper copies of the survey will be distributed to appropriate stakeholders and an online version, managed by the CCG, will run in conjunction.  Enventure Research will undertake all analysis of data collected, producing an interpretive report based on the survey responses.


The research will provide the CCG with useful information about stakeholders’ understanding about how to access information and support to help them prepare for their care in the future and make the appropriate informed choices and decisions.  The findings will help the CCG and partners to develop a better understanding of how money for social care and support should be spent and encourage planning for potential future needs.

Exploring social care requirements to inform future planning and support

Enventure Research has recently been appointed by the North East Lincolnshire CCG to undertake research to explore stakeholders’ understanding of social care, social care requirements and needs, expectations of social care provision and preparations for the future.


The ‘Doing the Right Thing’ survey will be developed in partnership between Enventure Research and the CCG and will be distributed to stakeholders in paper format and also made available for completion online. At the end of the survey period, Enventure Research will undertake full analysis of the data, including coding of open-end survey responses, and produce a detailed interpretive report.


The findings will be used to give the CCG and partners an understanding of how the money for social care and support should be spent to best support individuals and encourage planning for potential future needs.

Second evening and night-time visitor survey in Manchester city centre

Enventure Research is pleased to be working again with New Economy Manchester, Greater Manchester Police and Manchester City Council to deliver a second night-time visitor survey at various points throughout Manchester.


A team of experienced interviewers will be conducting the fieldwork on Friday and Saturday nights throughout July with visitors to the city centre. A short questionnaire has been designed to collect information about why people visit Manchester at night, which areas they visit, how they travel throughout the city and perceived safety when visiting the city centre.


The results will build on the findings from the previous night-time visitor survey conducted in November and December 2015 by Enventure Research, providing further evidence for future decision-making and clear direction for the management of Manchester city centre’s night-time economy.

Enventure passes quality management audit with flying colours

Enventure Research has, since inception, had a quality management system in place ensuring it delivers all projects in a systematic way.  Here at Enventure we are proud to announce that we recently underwent a full quality audit of the quality management system ISO 9001 (2008) and passed with flying colours.


Mark Robinson, Enventure Research’s Managing Director commented on the achievement:

“We very pleased to have passed the quality assurance audit.  This is testament to our dedicated staff that deliver all our work to such a high standard”.

Citizens’ Panel recruitment for Bradford Council

Enventure Research has been appointed by Bradford Metropolitan District Council to recruit 2,000 Bradford residents to form a Citizens’ Panel for consultation and research purposes.


A variety of recruitment techniques will be used to form the Citizens’ Panel, with quotas set on gender, age, ethnicity and ward to ensure representativeness. A recruitment questionnaire will be developed in partnership with the Council and administered via a variety of methods, including postal, online, email and on-street techniques.


Enventure Research will support the Council in publicising the Citizens’ Panel at public venues such as libraries, museums and fitness centres throughout Bradford. The Citizens’ Panel will be further promoted through local media outlets, including newspapers and radio stations, and via social media.


In addition to the full dataset, a recruitment report will be provided by Enventure Research which details the methodology used, composition/demographics of recruited residents and any issues encountered during the fieldwork.