Monthly Archives: June 2016

Resident consultation to inform Neighbourhood Plan development

Histon and Impington Parish Council have recently appointed Enventure Research to conduct a consultation to gather useful feedback and opinions from residents to help formulate its Neighbourhood Plan. The Plan will set out the community’s vision for the area over the next 15 years and put policies in place to help deliver that vision, grant planning permission for developments and make other improvements in the area.


The consultation will begin with a series of five focus groups with people who live, work and study in the villages. The groups will be conducted by Enventure Research’s skilled moderators and will cover topics including current views of the neighbourhood, opinions on future developments and likes and dislikes about life in the villages.


The findings from the focus groups will then inform the development of a quantitative questionnaire for the second phase of the consultation. The questionnaire will be posted to approximately 3,500 households and 100 businesses within the villages. Additional questionnaires will be made available at community locations and residents will also have the option to participate online.


All findings will be presented in a comprehensive research report which will include recommendations to inform the development of the Parish Council’s Neighbourhood Plan.

Solihull residents to be engaged about future service delivery

Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council (MBC) has appointed Enventure Research to undertake direct engagement with a representative sample of Solihull residents to help with planning future waste and recycling services.


Enventure Research’s experienced team of Recycling Promoters will visit approximately 10,000 properties in areas selected by the Council, aiming to directly engage with a minimum of 3,000 residents.


The engagement team will interview residents on the doorstep to gather information about recycling habits and their views on waste and recycling services which will in turn help with planning future services.


The fieldwork will take place over a three-week period, with visits taking place on different days and at different times of the day to target as wide a range of residents as possible. The research is due to commence in July 2016.  Once all interviews have been completed, Enventure Research will undertake detailed analysis of all survey data and provide the Council with a detailed report on the findings.


Enventure Research have undertaken numerous recycling engagement research projects on behalf of councils across the UK and are looking forward to working with Solihull MBC on this project.