Yearly Archives: 2016

Patient consultation on the future of the King Street Health Centre

Enventure Research is pleased to be working with the Wakefield Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to consult with patients of the King Street Health Centre regarding the future of its GP practice.


The practice has experienced some problems with covering all of its GP shifts and is in the process of reviewing the service in order to ensure it meets the needs of the local population. The CCG therefore wished to engage with patients to explore a number of potential options for the future of the service.


A survey has been designed to identify patients’ views about the Centre, including positive and negative aspects of the current service, and worries about the impact of changes to the service. The survey will be administered in paper and online format and targeted at all patients registered at the practice over a twelve week period.


Following the survey period Enventure Research will provide the CCG with a report detailing the findings, which will help it ascertain the best option for the future of the King Street Health Centre.


WRWA working with Enventure for recycling resident engagement

Western Riverside Waste Authority (WRWA) has recently commissioned Enventure Research to undertake face to face engagement with residents in the London Borough of Lambeth and the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.


WRWA, along with the two participating Boroughs, wish to improve the quality and quantity of recycling across the Boroughs through the prevention of incorrect materials being recycled. A conversational script will therefore be designed to address residents’ current recycling habits and to ensure that they know where to recycle in their estate, and what they can and cannot recycle in communal bins.


Local and experienced staff will be trained by Enventure Research to carry out the engagement with residents over a period of eight weeks. The engagement programme will be carried out in one estate in the London Borough of Lambeth and one estate in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, and will consist of both engagement on the doorstep and conversations with residents at communal bins across the estates.


Residents in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea will also be encouraged by Enventure Research’s team of engagement staff to volunteer themselves to encourage their neighbours to recycle more and recycle correctly. Recruited residents will attend one of six training sessions, led by Enventure Research’s team of engagement staff, and will be provided with a payment for their time and service.


This period of resident engagement is due to begin 24th October and last for eight weeks. Following the completion of the engagement activity, Enventure Research will provide WRWA with a summary report of the engagement findings.

Working with a new client to deliver a Local Area Perceptions Survey

Enventure Research is working with a new client, Swale Borough Council, a district authority in Kent, to deliver its Local Area Perceptions Survey.


Swale Borough Council have run a Local Area Perceptions Survey since 2012, providing an effective way to gather key data on residents’ views of Swale as a place to live, their local public services, and what matters to them.


Enventure Research will work with Swale Borough Council to develop the questionnaire for 2016. To ensure continuity with previous years, a postal survey methodology will be used, with questionnaire packs sent to a random sample of 4,000 residents, including a covering letter and free-post return envelope.


The survey is due to commence in October.

Public parking consultation for East Lindsey District Council

Enventure Research has been contracted by East Lindsey District Council (ELDC) to undertake a face-to-face survey with members of the public as part of its Parking Strategy Review. The District Council currently operates 55 car parks and would like to review tariffs charged at these to ensure they more closely reflect the needs and circumstances of each respective community.


A survey will be designed to collect insight into residents’ and visitors’ views on the current provision of parking, their current habits when driving into town, what is important to them when considering where to park and what impact changes to ELDC provided parking would have on them.


Trained, locally-based interviewers will conduct the survey with a random sample at key coastal and market towns over two separate weeks to allow for comparison between peak and off-peak seasons. The interviewing schedule will cover different times of the day on weekdays and weekends, with the team seeking to achieve a total sample size of 650 face-to-face interviews.


To encourage further participation in the consultation, an online version of the questionnaire will be securely hosted by Enventure Research and paper questionnaires will be made available in relevant locations across the district, such as local town halls, libraries and other customer access points.

Second phase of Derby Library Service consultation

Following successful completion of the first stage of the public consultation into the future of its Library Service, Enventure Research is pleased to be working again with Derby City Council to undertake the second phase of the research.


During phase one of the research, an online and paper questionnaire was made available to everyone who lived or worked in Derby over a twelve-week consultation period. The survey explored perceived importance and usage of the Library Service, gathering opinions on potential future service models and ways of making savings. In total, 4,990 responses were received, and the survey findings were supplemented by a series of focus groups held with Derby residents, school children and library staff members.


The findings fed into the Council’s strategic review of its Library Service and informed the development of a number of options for its future.  The next phase of the consultation will involve a second online and paper questionnaire examining local peoples’ attitudes towards the proposed options for the future of the Library Service.

Public consultation on the free childcare offer in Bolton

Bolton Council has commissioned Enventure Research to undertake a series of face-to-face interviews with its residents regarding the free childcare offer in Bolton.


The Council wishes to ensure families are fully informed about the free childcare offer for two year olds and to find out how families can be better supported to take up their free place.


A small team of experienced interviewers will visit properties in pre-selected areas of Bolton and undertake the interviews with residents on the doorstep. Screening questions at the start of the survey will ensure that only those with a child of the relevant age will be asked to participate. The survey will cover topics including awareness of free childcare, methods of receiving information, awareness of childcare trials, current usage of free childcare and intention to use free childcare in the future.


The fieldwork will begin in August 2016 and visits to householders will be made at different times of the day, on weekdays and weekends, to encourage maximum participation.


The findings will be analysed and reported to the Council, and will be used to help monitor and improve the childcare services.

Fifth Annual Satisfaction Survey for Nottinghamshire CC

Enventure Research is pleased to be working again with Nottinghamshire County Council to deliver its 2016 Annual Satisfaction Survey. Enventure Research has conducted the survey each year since 2012 and has recently been re-commissioned to undertake the 2016 research.


The survey gathers information on local perceptions of value for money, communication, quality of life and health and wellbeing regarding the Council’s public services. It is extremely important to local authorities and other public bodies, as the results are used as a way of measuring the performance of local authorities and its partners in their area.


The fieldwork is due to commence in August 2016. A minimum of 1,050 residents broadly representative of the area in terms of age, gender and ethnicity will be surveyed across the seven districts. Trained interviewers will undertake the survey face-to-face at pre-selected sampling points throughout Nottinghamshire.


The results will be presented to the Council in a detailed final report which compares the most recent results with those from previous years, and with national figures. The survey findings will help the Council understand the priorities of local residents and inform decisions about Council plans and services.

Resident consultation to inform Neighbourhood Plan development

Histon and Impington Parish Council have recently appointed Enventure Research to conduct a consultation to gather useful feedback and opinions from residents to help formulate its Neighbourhood Plan. The Plan will set out the community’s vision for the area over the next 15 years and put policies in place to help deliver that vision, grant planning permission for developments and make other improvements in the area.


The consultation will begin with a series of five focus groups with people who live, work and study in the villages. The groups will be conducted by Enventure Research’s skilled moderators and will cover topics including current views of the neighbourhood, opinions on future developments and likes and dislikes about life in the villages.


The findings from the focus groups will then inform the development of a quantitative questionnaire for the second phase of the consultation. The questionnaire will be posted to approximately 3,500 households and 100 businesses within the villages. Additional questionnaires will be made available at community locations and residents will also have the option to participate online.


All findings will be presented in a comprehensive research report which will include recommendations to inform the development of the Parish Council’s Neighbourhood Plan.

Solihull residents to be engaged about future service delivery

Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council (MBC) has appointed Enventure Research to undertake direct engagement with a representative sample of Solihull residents to help with planning future waste and recycling services.


Enventure Research’s experienced team of Recycling Promoters will visit approximately 10,000 properties in areas selected by the Council, aiming to directly engage with a minimum of 3,000 residents.


The engagement team will interview residents on the doorstep to gather information about recycling habits and their views on waste and recycling services which will in turn help with planning future services.


The fieldwork will take place over a three-week period, with visits taking place on different days and at different times of the day to target as wide a range of residents as possible. The research is due to commence in July 2016.  Once all interviews have been completed, Enventure Research will undertake detailed analysis of all survey data and provide the Council with a detailed report on the findings.


Enventure Research have undertaken numerous recycling engagement research projects on behalf of councils across the UK and are looking forward to working with Solihull MBC on this project.

Further research for the General Optical Council with Optical Professionals

The General Optical Council (GOC) has appointed Enventure Research to undertake a survey to help it understand the views and experiences of its approximately 29,000 registrants. The GOC is the regulator of optical professions in the UK, and aims to protect and promote the health and safety of patients and the public. This is the second project that Enventure Research will be delivering on behalf of the GOC, following the recent public perceptions survey.


An online survey will be used to gather information about registrants’ views, perceptions and experiences relating to the GOC and daily challenges faced in clinical practice. Additional qualitative research, in the form of focus groups, and in-depth telephone interviews, will supplement the findings from the online survey and provide greater insight.


The research will provide the GOC with an understanding of how it can better engage with its registrants, highlight training and education needs and help identify any pressures that may prevent registrants from meeting GOC set standards.


The findings ofthe research will be communicated in the form of a comprehensive report and a presentation to the GOC.