Yearly Archives: 2017

Public consultation on performance venue options for Derby

Enventure Research is pleased to be working with Derby City Council to analyse and report on the findings from a public consultation regarding the development of a new performance venue for the city.


The premier performance venue in Derby – the Assembly Rooms – has been closed since a fire in March 2014. The City Centre Masterplan 2030 identifies a new performance venue as being critical to the future success of Derby as a place to live, work and invest, and that it will lead the economic regeneration of the city and be the catalyst for further investment.


Over recent months the Council has been exploring all the options available, looking at the advantages, disadvantages and financial viability of each. Four options have emerged from the feasibility study, and the aim of the public consultation, which is open to members of the business community, cultural sector and the general public, is to explore attitudes and preferences regarding these options.


The consultation was open from 16th November 2017 until 15 December 2017.


The findings from the consultation will inform the Council’s approach to the design of the new performance venue and selecting the right operator to run it.


Evaluating the Christmas Markets in Manchester

Manchester City Council has once again commissioned Enventure Research to undertake an evaluation of the Christmas Markets in Manchester. The evaluation involves interviewing visitors to the Christmas Markets, asking a range of questions covering topics from satisfaction with the markets through to recollection of the marketing campaign.


Commenting on the recent win, Mark Robinson, Enventure Research, said:


“We are particularly pleased to have been commissioned to deliver the evaluation of the Christmas Markets this year, as Manchester Christmas Markets has been voted one of the European Best Christmas Markets and is the only UK city to have secured this accolade!”


Kirklees driver training course evaluation research

Enventure Research has recently been appointed by Kirklees Council to undertake research to evaluate the views and experiences of those attending two of its National Driver Improvement Courses, which are delivered by the Driver Training Unit on behalf of West Yorkshire Police.


Those who have recently attended a National Speed Awareness or National Motorway Awareness Course will be invited via email to participate in a survey to understand their level of satisfaction with the service provided, from initial contact, through the booking process, attendance and course delivery. Feedback will also be sought from those delivering the training and back office/call centre staff in a separate online survey. Staged reminders will be sent to help achieve as high a response rate as possible.


The survey will be live during December 2017 and close in early January 2018. The findings from the research will be used to help Kirklees Council continue to improve these two courses and ensure that those who attend are satisfied.


Annual survey of residents for Kingston Council

Kingston upon Thames Borough Council has recently commissioned Enventure Research to undertake its annual survey of residents as part of its evidence base building to support planning and deliver services more effectively.


In the previous three years, the survey has taken the form of a telephone survey of 1,000 residents from across the Kingston borough. This year, the research will again be conducted via a telephone survey approach, with additional on-street face-to-face interviewing to ensure that quotas are successfully met.


The residents’ survey asks questions related to satisfaction with the local area and the way the Council runs things, value for money, community safety and crime and communications from the Council. Demographic information is also collected to ensure a representative sample of respondents is achieved.


Once fieldwork is complete, Enventure Research will provide a detailed report, comparing data from previous surveys to monitor changes in satisfaction of services and resident priorities.


Commenting on the recent win, Mark Robinson, Enventure Research, said:

“We are delighted to be working with Kingston upon Thames Borough Council to deliver this annual survey. We really appreciate the importance of annual surveys as they enable authorities to measure how well they are doing and identify what their residents’ priorities are so resources can be directed accordingly. We are very much looking forward to working with Kingston Council.”


2017 General Dental Council Registrant Survey underway

Enventure Research is currently working on behalf of the General Dental Council (GDC) to undertake its 2017 Registrant Survey. The survey is conducted regularly by the GDC as part of its commitment to using a research base to inform policy and practice. The GDC is responsible for regulation of all practicing dental professionals within the UK, protecting patients and members of the public. All dentists and dental care professionals are required to be registered with the GDC.


The aim of the Registrant Survey is to provide valid and statistically reliable data on GDC registrants’ views of key aspects of its work to help inform future GDC policy and performance. The survey examines attitudes towards a number of topics, such as challenges faced by dental professionals in everyday practice, GDC communications and the future of dentistry. A number of tracking questions included in each phase of the survey allow registrants’ attitudes to be compared over time.


The survey has been administered online to a stratified random sample drawn from the GDC registrant database to ensure that a representative response is achieved, based on gender, age, profession, number of years registered and country of qualification. Personalised email invitations have been sent to all registrants in the sample frame.


The online survey will close later this month and be followed by qualitative research to gain additional insight into the survey findings. A representative selection of GDC registrants, including dentists and dental care professionals, will be recruited via the survey to participate in a series of focus groups and in depth telephone interviews.


The findings from the online survey and qualitative research will be collated and analysed by Enventure Research. The results will be published on the GDC website in early 2018.


Exploring experiences of laser eye surgery

Enventure Research has recently completed a programme of research with members of the public who have undergone laser eye surgery on behalf of the General Optical Council (GOC). The GOC regulates the optical professions in the UK, aiming to protect and promote the health and safety of the public.


The GOC has commissioned Enventure Research on several occasions previously, including the provision of its 2015 and 2017 Public Perceptions Surveys, its 2016 Registrant Survey, and a survey conducted in August 2017 to understand registrants’ views about the current process of assessing patients’ fitness to drive and whether changes were required to further protect the public.


This research aimed to explore the experiences of those who had undergone laser eye surgery, developing insight into the decision to have laser eye surgery, costs, incentives, the sales process, consent, aftercare, experience of the complaints procedure, and overall levels of satisfaction. A quantitative and qualitative approach was taken in the form of an online survey and in depth telephone interviews with members of the public who had undergone laser eye surgery.


Specific questions were asked to members of the public completing the online Public Perceptions Survey who indicated they had had laser eye surgery. Following the Public Perceptions Survey, a number of these respondents were invited to participate in further qualitative research to provide additional insight into their experiences. Twenty interviews were completed with residents from across the UK, including a split of gender and range of ages.


The findings from both aspects of the research were analysed and collated into a comprehensive research report, which provided useful insight into patients’ experiences for the GOC.


Further public perceptions research for the GOC

Enventure Research has recently undertaken the 2017 Public Perceptions Survey on behalf of the General Optical Council (GOC). The GOC regulates the optical professions in the UK, its mission being to protect and promote the health and safety of the public.


Public perceptions research was previously carried out by Enventure Research in 2016, seeking to understand the views and experiences of the general public in order to help the GOC improve as a regulator and become more effective in its mission. The 2017 research took the form of an online survey which included a combination of previous survey questions and new topic areas in order to track perceptions over time and also collect data on topical areas. The survey was completed by a representative sample of the UK adult population and administered via an online panel. In total, 3,025 responses were received.


A series of four focus groups and 16 in depth telephone interviews took place following the survey to provide further insight into the findings. Focus groups took place in London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Glasgow, whilst interview participants were recruited from across the UK, with an emphasis on more rural areas.


GOC vision and safe driving research

Enventure Research was recently commissioned by the General Optical Council (GOC) to undertake research with its registrants and the general public exploring perceptions about the current process of assessing patients’ fitness to drive and their views about how public protection could be improved.


At present, it is the responsibility of the driver to inform the DVLA (DVA in Ireland) if they have been advised that they might be unfit to drive. Opticians must use their professional judgement about whether to inform the DVLA/DVA in cases where the patient cannot or will not; however notifying the DVLA/DVA without a patient’s consent raises issues around overriding confidentiality.


A mixed quantitative and qualitative approach to the research was taken. Enventure Research had previously carried out the GOC’s 2017 Public Perceptions Survey, which included questions about who respondents thought should be legally responsible for notifying the DVLA/DVA if a patient is unfit to drive, and whether this would discourage people from attending for an eyesight test. The Public Perceptions Survey was administered online to a representative sample of respondents based on gender and age within each UK nation and received over 3,000 responses.


A further online survey was developed and distributed via email to all fully qualified GOC registrants with a valid email address. The survey explored registrants’ views about the current process of assessing patients’ fitness to drive and whether changes need to be made to help further protect the public. A high response rate of 19% was achieved, representing almost 4,000 registrants. Following the survey, a series of four focus groups was held with registrants and the public to provide further insight into the findings.


The findings of this research, presented in a research report, can be found on the GOC website here.


Understanding healthcare workers’ sustainability attitudes and actions

Enventure Research has recently been engaged to develop an accessible online survey for NHS health and social care staff regarding their attitudes towards sustainability, levels of uptake of sustainable actions and frequency, and how they can best be supported to take sustainable actions in the future that are positive for the environment and society.

The research is being conducted on behalf of the Sustainable Development Unit (SDU), a national unit based in Cambridge working on behalf of the health and social care system in England. The SDU supports the NHS, public health and social care to embed and promote sustainable development in environment, social and financial areas. It provides expert advice, support and practical help in meeting carbon reduction targets and engaging with individuals and organisations to change attitudes and behaviours to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle.


The survey will be developed by the SDU and Enventure Research to ensure that all of the questions are easily understandable for respondents and that the structure, format, length and ordering of the questionnaire is suitable and will elicit useful data. Enventure Research will also internally test and pilot the survey with a small number of individuals from the health and social care sector to ensure it is fit for purpose.


The survey will be going live in the next few weeks and the data from the survey will be provided to the SDU for analysis.


North and NE Lincs CCGs ophthalmology services patient survey

Engagement work to support the North and North East Lincolnshire CCGs in informing and involving patients, the public and stakeholders in regard to the procurement and recommissioning of the ophthalmology services is to begin shortly.


The service is currently a single service with additional day case support from an external provider. Plans are in place to split the service into two parts; a Clinical Assessment and Treatment Service (CAT), which will see the vast majority of patients as day cases, and a hospital based service (HES) for the small number of patients who require an admission or are a complex day case and need to be seen outside of the CAT service.


The purpose of the patient and stakeholder engagement is to communicate the ‘case for change’ and to identify patients’ priorities for ophthalmology services to inform the specification for procurement of the CAT service and the recommissioning of the inpatient (HES) service.


The CCGs are developing a survey for use online and in hard copy format. Enventure Research will provide support with survey design and host the online version of the survey, which will be promoted in outpatient clinics to patients, families and carers. The survey will be optimised for smartphones, PCs, laptops and tablets to ensure that respondents can take part no matter what device they are using. Patients will also be able to complete a paper version of the survey.


Enventure Research will analyse the results of the online survey alongside the paper responses. Qualitative feedback from a number of focus groups and meetings facilitated by the CCGs will also be analysed by Enventure Research. All feedback, both qualitative and quantitative, will be collated into one interpretive research report which will provide useful recommendations to the CCGs to inform the procurement and recommissioning of services.