Monthly Archives: January 2017

Budget consultation qualitative research for Manchester City Council

Manchester City Council, has recently commissioned Enventure Research to undertake a programme of qualitative research with its residents to support a wider public consultation undertaken at the end of 2016.


Over the past five years, Manchester City Council has had to make decisions on how it manages with a smaller budget whilst still delivering high quality services to residents. As a result of government cuts, the Council is having to make decisions about how it manages its budget and delivers further savings.


The consultation in 2016 took the form of an online and paper survey to involve residents and encourage them to have a say in how savings could be made. The Council had drawn up a large list of possible options for making these savings and wanted to understand the impact they would have on individuals and their community.


To support the consultation findings, the Council also wishes to undertake qualitative research with residents to explore some of their concerns in greater depth. Enventure Research will therefore moderate a series of three focus groups with a representative selection of Manchester residents. Each group will consider a number of different service areas which could be affected, being led in their discussions by an experienced researcher who will follow a specially designed discussion guide.


The results will help the Council understand the consultation findings in greater depth and inform its future decision making.


Evaluating the effectiveness of 20mph speed limits in Sheffield

Enventure Research will shortly begin work on an evaluative research project on behalf of Sheffield City Council, which aims to assess the effectiveness of 20mph speed limits in reducing vehicle speeds and the number and severity of accidents in residential areas.


The Council is committed to introducing 20mph areas to all appropriate residential roads by 2025 and began rolling out the sign only 20mph programme in 2013/14 following implementation in an initial pilot area. In addition, a number of Speed Indicating Devices (SIDs) were placed at sites with community concerns about speeding. These devices display the speed of approaching traffic and an emotive face (‘smiley’ or ‘sad’) dependent on the speed of the oncoming vehicle.


Trained market research interviewers will conduct a survey on-street with 250 residents in a number of sampling locations across Sheffield, aiming to speak to as wide a range of people as possible in order to gather representative views. A questionnaire has been designed to assess perceptions of the effectiveness of 20mph schemes and the level of public support for such schemes.


The fieldwork is scheduled to begin in early January. Upon completion, the results will be analysed by Enventure Research and provided to the Council as a detailed report, which (where appropriate) will compare the findings with earlier research.