Monthly Archives: April 2017

Insight research to inform Leeds recycling campaign

Leeds City Council, as part of its ambition to become a ‘zero waste’ city, has appointed Enventure Research to undertake insight research with Leeds residents to inform a behavioural change campaign targeting glass and paper/card recycling (identified as two problematic waste streams following recent waste analysis).


Enventure Research will undertake four focus groups with a representative sample of Leeds residents to develop an understanding of current recycling behaviours, barriers faced, motivations to change recycling behaviours and appropriate communications channels. The research will also be an opportunity to test messages and imagery to ascertain the highest recall and impact.


Focus group participants will be recruited on-street using an agreed stratification to ensure they are representative of the Leeds population. Enventure Research’s skilled moderators will follow a specially designed discussion guide to ensure all topics of discussion are covered in a flexible way without constraining the flow of discussion and debate.


The insight gained from the research will form a series of recommendations for Leeds City Council to help ensure that the behavioural change campaign is targeted appropriately to achieve the desired results.


Enventure appointed to undertake 2017 RTPI membership survey

The Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) has again commissioned Enventure Research to undertake a survey of its membership, in order to develop further insight following the 2013 membership survey.


The RTPI is the UK’s leading planning body for spatial, sustainable and inclusive planning, with over 22,000 registered members. In order to better understand its membership and the state of the profession, it appointed Enventure Research in 2013 to conduct an online and postal survey. Over 5,700 responses were received to the survey, providing the RTPI with key data on its members to help inform future business planning and performance management processes.


Since the 2013 membership survey, Enventure Research has been pleased to work with the RTPI on two other research projects exploring the views of student planners and those who work in the planning profession but are not registered members of the RTPI.


The 2017 membership survey will take the form of an online survey publicised to all registered planning professionals, covering topics such as awareness, usage and rating of membership services, perceived value of RTPI membership, communication preferences and awareness of RTPI resources and activities.


2017 Sheffield Air Quality Campaign Research

Enventure Research is pleased to be working again with Sheffield City Council to conduct market research for its 2017 Air Quality Campaign.


The Air Quality Campaign began in 2014 and continues to raise awareness of air pollution, including types, sources, effects, how to tackle the issue and what is currently being done. It aims to affect behaviour change, encouraging the public to do more to reduce pollution levels and to protect themselves from air pollution. Enventure Research also supported the earlier stages of the Air Quality Campaign.


In order to understand the impact of the campaign, the Council now wishes to undertake a survey to assess levels of awareness of air pollution in Sheffield. The research will utilise many existing questions from previous waves of the survey to allow results to be tracked over time, highlighting any changes in views, attitudes and behaviours of the public in Sheffield.


The survey will be administered face-to-face on-street by a team of trained market research interviewers with a broadly representative sample of 300 Sheffield residents. Quotas will be set to ensure the sample is as representative as possible, based on the latest Census data available for the Sheffield City Council area.


Insight research exploring attitudes towards physical activity and sport in Wiltshire

Enventure Research is soon to begin working on a research project aimed at understanding attitudes, behaviours and motivations relating to physical activity and sport on behalf of Wiltshire Council.


The Council recently conducted a scoping exercise to identified communities within the local authority area which may have issues affecting inactivity, leading to low levels of physical activity and participation in sport. Analysis of a number of data sources has identified five localities at risk of inactivity: Chippenham, Salisbury, Trowbridge, Melksham and Calne.


Wilshire Council now wishes to conduct insight research in order to better understand the attitudes, behaviours and motivations of people living in these five communities to inform and support current and planned interventions to increase levels of physical activity and sport, and support future funding applications.


The research will establish a number of key issues, including who the target audiences are within these communities, what their attitudes and behaviours are in relation to sport and physical activity, perceived barriers to participation in sport and physical activity and what support is required to engage people in activity, ultimately providing recommendations on how to best meet the needs of residents and improve participation levels.


A mixed methodology approach will be taken, including a programme of desk research, a quantitative survey of residents and qualitative research with residents and partners, and other providers within the communities.