Monthly Archives: June 2017

Waste and recycling terminology testing in Greater Manchester

Enventure Research is pleased to be working with Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority (GWMDA) to undertake qualitative research to gauge residents’ knowledge, understanding and interpretation of different waste and recycling terminology.


GMWDA is England’s largest waste disposal authority, dealing with over 1.1 million tonnes of waste collected from over 1 million households for nine Greater Manchester local authorities. The authority aims to encourage residents to waste less and recycle correctly through various communications campaigns, however has been concerned that these campaigns use a wide variety of waste and recycling terminology which may not be consistent or easily understood by residents.

In order to assess how residents interpret such terminology, Enventure Research will deliver two focus groups with a representative selection of GMWDA residents. The groups will be held in North Manchester and South Manchester and two participants from each authority area will be recruited where possible to each group. Recruitment will take place on-street and will be carried out by Interviewer Quality Control Scheme accredited recruiters.


The insight gained from the two focus groups will enable GMWDA to develop a consistent approach for online and offline communications and feed into the creation of a best practice guide to support the Greater Manchester authorities and partners in their individual communication activity.


Clarion Housing Group Resident Survey

Enventure Research is carrying out Clarion Housing Group’s residents’ survey. During the survey, we will be exploring residents’ attitudes, aspirations and experience of Clarion Housing Group services.


One of the largest housing associations in the country, Clarion provides 125,000 homes across England and is the result of a recent merger between Circle Housing and Affinity Sutton Group. We will undertake 2,000 telephone interviews with residents during June and July.


The findings of the survey will inform Clarion about the attitudes, aspirations, and experience of their tenants by providing representative and robust data that can be compared against findings from previous years as well as external data sources.


The data will be used to ensure residents are provided with the services that properly meet their needs.


For any questions relating to this survey, please contact Matt Thurman on 01484 404797 or email

Doorstep engagement with Salford residents to encourage recycling

Enventure Research will soon begin work on a doorstep engagement campaign targeting 10,000 properties for Salford City Council. The campaign will focus on the recycling services offered by the Council, with trained engagement staff conveying the recycling message to residents and answering any queries they might have about the recycling service.


The team will engage with residents from at least 45% of the properties identified by Salford City Council, working in the daytime and the early evening, including on Saturdays. A conversational style questionnaire script will be developed to guide the doorstep conversation and collect useful data from residents.


Enventure Research is highly experienced in delivering recycling engagement campaigns of this nature and has delivered a number of similar campaigns across Greater Manchester. The campaign is due to commence in July 2017.