Monthly Archives: April 2018

Local insight research for Warwick Sport

Enventure Research is working with Warwick Sport and the University of Warwick to undertake local insight research ahead of the University opening its new sports facility.


The questionnaire will be designed by Enventure Research and Warwick Sport with the aim of gauging the current use of sports facilities, the needs and barriers when choosing sports facilities and the awareness of the University’s sports facility which is due to open later this year.


Enventure’s team of ICQS trained interviewers will be administering the survey face-to-face on CAPI devices at various sampling points across the University campus as well as the surrounding areas. The survey will be completed by students and staff from the University, as well as those from the wider community and surrounding areas over a three week period.


Upon completion of the fieldwork, Enventure Research will analyse the results and later deliver an engaging presentation of the findings to Warwick Sport and the University of Warwick.


Community insight on physical activity in Southend-on-Sea

Southend-on-Sea Borough Council has recently appointed Enventure Research to undertake a programme of research relating to physical activity within the community.


The aim of the research is to better understand who the inactive populations of Southend are, their attitudes, behaviours and motivations towards physical activity and what barriers they face that may be stopping them from participating in physical activity and sport.


A mixed methodology approach will be adopted, consisting of a programme of desk research, an online survey with Southend residents and a series of focus groups and telephone interviews with Southend residents and representatives from partners and providers.


Working with the Council, Enventure Research will design an engaging questionnaire following the collation and analysis of the desk research findings. A flexible discussion guide for the focus groups and telephone interviews will also be designed by Enventure Research to cover all topics of the survey in greater detail in order to gain a deeper insight.


Following extensive analysis of the survey data and qualitative finding, Enventure Research will produce a detailed and interpretive report for the Council. The findings will be presented to stakeholders during a discovery workshop delivered by both Enventure Research and Southend-on-Sea Borough Council.


The research findings will be used to inform and support current planned interventions, communication and engagement to increase levels of physical activity and sport in Southend.

Supplies’ Educational Customer Research on behalf of East Riding of Yorkshire Council

Enventure Research is delighted to be working with East Riding of Yorkshire Council‘s purchasing and distributing unit, Supplies, for a second time to conduct a customer survey.


Focusing on Supplies’ educational sector customers, Enventure Research will design a questionnaire aimed at gauging opinions related to delivery, products, customer service, methods of ordering, price and value. Questions will be repeated from the previous questionnaire to allow for direct comparisons to be made. Additional questions will also be included to establish Supplies’ main competitors, satisfaction with Supplies’ website and overall satisfaction with the service provided by Supplies. The questionnaire will be hosted online, with representatives from primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and academies from the East Riding of Yorkshire and neighbouring authorities asked to participate via email invitation. Reminder emails and telephone calls will be made to help achieve a positive response rate.


Following analysis of all collected data, Enventure Research will provide feedback to the Council in the form of a detailed report, comparing this year’s results with the previous survey where possible in order to track attitudes over time. The findings will continue to help the Council to better understand the priorities and levels of satisfaction of its customers in order to adapt its service and facilitate ongoing growth.