Monthly Archives: June 2019

Universal Credit telephone survey with Peabody residents

One of the largest housing associations in London and the South East of England, Peabody, has appointed Enventure Research to undertake a telephone survey with its tenants who have experiences of receiving Universal Credit.


Enventure Research has assisted Peabody in the design and development of the questionnaire, aimed at gleaning information about Universal Credit such as the application process, the impact of the transition from the previous system and the differences between the previous system. The questionnaire length is around 18 minutes and is being administered by Enventure Research’s team of skilled and experienced telephone interviewers.


Over a three-week fieldwork period, approximately 1,000 Peabody tenants who have experience of receiving Universal Credit will be interviewed. Upon completion of fieldwork, all data will be quality checked and provided to Peabody who will be conducting their own analysis.

Enventure Research’s fifth consecutive Manchester Day evaluation

For the fifth year in a row, Manchester City Council has commissioned Enventure Research to carry out an evaluation of its annual Manchester Day event.


Enventure Research’s team of skilled and experienced interviewers will be interviewing those visiting Manchester on the day of the parade on-street, asking them questions about their visit to Manchester, the Manchester Day event, expenditure and feedback on their experience of Manchester.


The results from this year’s survey will build upon findings from previous years in order to track attitudes and opinions over time and continue to aid the Council’s decision making when organising the event each year.

GPhC Registrant Workforce Survey

Enventure Research is delighted to be working with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) to deliver its Registrant Workforce Survey this year.


The survey aim is to build on previous research undertaken in 2013 to gather and analyse recent and up-to-date intelligence about registrants of the GPhC with regards to their workplace setting, employment and practice.


Following extensive questionnaire design between Enventure Research and the GPhC, the online survey is now live, with all registrants being invited via email to participate, as well as the GPhC publicising the survey via its own channels.


The survey will close in July, allowing for Enventure Research to undertake thorough analysis on the returned data. A full comprehensive report will then be provided to GPhC detailing the findings of the survey to better understand registrants in terms of their employment.