Monthly Archives: July 2019

Research suggests that Brits cheat the heat(wave)

As the temperatures soared to give us the hottest July day ever recorded in the UK, we were reminded that we are terrible at coping with the heat. In the Enventure Research office, we managed to keep cool with lots of fans and open windows, and you know it’s hot when nobody wants a cup of tea or coffee! But how do others keep their cool when it’s so hot? We did some digging and we were quite surprised at some of the results.


According to a survey conducted during last year’s heatwave, over half (56%) of Brits admitted to struggling with the heat during the day and a further 41% said they found it too hot to concentrate in work.


When it comes to how people cope with the heat, a separate survey of office workers during the 2018 heatwave highlighted that three in ten (31%) Brits have made an excuse to not go into work so that they could enjoy the weather outside, with pretending to be ill being the most common excuse (32%). Smaller proportions blamed an ill relative (9%) and even a poorly pet (7%) for their absence on a sunny day.


So, as it turns out, Brits are even worse at coping with the heat than we initially thought. However you cope with the rising temperatures, we hope you manage to stay cool.

Kingston First Visitor Survey

Kingston First was established in 2005 and is a not-for-profit organisation responsible for delivering a number of initiatives to support the commercial success of the business community in Kingston upon Thames.


An initial piece of visitor research was conducted last year by Kingston First with visitors to Kingston town centre. Following on from this, Kingston First wished to gain further understanding around consumer awareness of the town from those who live further afield and in neighbouring towns. Enventure Research was recently commissioned to undertake this research.


Enventure Research and Kingston First have been working in partnership to design a suitable questionnaire to use for the research, which will cover topics such as the awareness of Kingston as a town and its amenities and facilities, perceptions of Kingston and barriers to visiting Kingston. Fieldwork will be carried out by Enventure Research’s local team of trained interviewers in July and August.


Upon completion of the fieldwork, Enventure Research will carry out detailed analysis of the survey results and provide Kingston First with a full research report. The findings from the research will help to inform Kingston First’s strategic marketing for the promotion of Kingston upon Thames as a destination, to understand the awareness of Kingston and to identify new target market possibilities.

Bradford Library Service Review 2019

Bradford Metropolitan District Council (Bradford MDC) recently commissioned Enventure Research to undertake a representative survey of non-users of libraries amongst Bradford residents as part of its Needs Analysis of the Library Service that it provides. For the purpose of the research, a non-user was defined as someone who had not visited a library within the last 12 months.


Enventure Research assisted the Council in questionnaire design, ensuring that a range of questions were asked to gain valuable insight surrounding what non-users thought about libraries, their knowledge of libraries and what would encourage them to use a library in the future.


Fieldwork consisted of face-to-face interviews on-street administered by Enventure Research’s team of experienced, local interviewers in May and June.


A comprehensive report was provided to Bradford MDC following data analysis, presenting the findings of the survey in easy-to-understand tables, charts and interpretive commentary. The Council will use the findings to inform their Needs Analysis of its current Library Service.

Happy 71st birthday to the NHS!

July 5th 2019 marks 71 years since the NHS was launched following the second world war, and we would like to wish a very happy birthday to the NHS.


Enventure Research is currently in its 17th year and, during this time, has had the pleasure of working on varied and interesting projects with numerous NHS bodies such as NHS England and NHS Midlands and East, as well as several NHS CCGs.


Here’s to another 71 years of our wonderful NHS.

Second phase of Midlands Engine research completed

Enventure Research has recently completed the second phase of qualitative research on behalf of the Midlands Engine.


The aim of the first phase of the research, delivered in Autumn 2017, was to gauge the level of awareness and understanding of the Midlands Engine amongst those who lived and worked in the Midlands region, before the organisation’s campaign was launched. This consisted of a series of focus groups with local professionals based in the Midlands as well as Midlands residents, held in Birmingham, Leicester, Worcester, Wolverhampton, Coventry, Nottingham and Lincoln.


The second phase of the research aimed to evaluate the Midlands Engine’s campaign and to assess its effectiveness, and to further explore the awareness and understanding of the Midlands Engine as an organisation. Focus groups were held in Birmingham, Leicester, Nottingham and Stoke-on-Trent with both representatives from local businesses and local residents. In addition to focus groups, a series of in-depth telephone interviews were also held with representatives from businesses based in the Midlands to ensure a wide geographical spread of representation.


In both phases of the research, Enventure Research designed specifically tailored discussion guides for its skilled researchers to follow when moderating the focus groups and undertaking the interviews.


An interpretive report has been written and provided to the Midlands Engine, detailing the key themes and findings that emerged from the qualitative research.