Monthly Archives: December 2020

Cornwall Resident Survey 2020

Following the successful delivery of several waves of the Cornwall Resident Survey since 2018, Enventure Research has been commissioned by Cornwall Council to conduct its 2020 Resident Survey. Fieldwork has begun and is due to be completed over the Christmas period.


This year’s survey is being conducted with a representative sample of 3,000 Cornwall residents via telephone interview. The questionnaire covers the same topics as previous waves of the survey to allow for comparison, such as perceptions of the Council, satisfaction with the Council and its services and questions on the local area. Additional questions on the coronavirus pandemic are also included.


A final report will be provided to Cornwall Council in PowerPoint format including tables and charts comparing this year’s results to previous survey waves, as well as national figures from the LGA’s ‘Are you being served?’ survey.

General Optical Council COVID-19 Statements Consultation Analysis and Reporting

In response to the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, the General Optical Council published a set of statements aimed at removing unnecessary regulatory barriers, clarifying certain areas of practice and providing additional guidance to optical professionals. Enventure Research was subsequently appointed to analyse and report on the findings from a consultation exploring the content and impact of the statements.


The consultation seeks the views of registrants, patients and the public, and other key stakeholders to ensure the statements remain effective and determine how they should apply in different phases of the current or any future pandemic. The survey is being hosted online by the GOC and will remain open until 7 January 2021.


Following survey closure, Enventure Research will provide comprehensive analysis and reporting on the findings, allowing the GOC to further develop its guidance and support the optical profession.