Yearly Archives: 2021

Greater Manchester Foundation Economy Innovation Insight Research

GMCA is currently in the process of developing a programme of activity to support Greater Manchester’s Foundational Economy – the area of the economy that supplies everyday, essential goods and services needed for social and economic functioning and wellbeing. This includes sectors such as Social Care and Early Years, Retail, and the Hospitality and Leisure.


Before any activity and programmes are developed, GMCA wants to learn about the issues affecting businesses and self-employed people in these sectors, and what support or networks are currently available to help address challenges and to develop businesses and careers, and importantly, where there might be gaps in this support.


It also wants to know more about how innovation is being enabled in this part of the economy and whether there are certain challenges or missions that need concerted action or coordinated responses across Greater Manchester.


GMCA has commissioned Enventure Research to undertake several focus groups with Greater Manchester businesses and those employed in these sectors.

IOSH Staff Survey

IOSH commissioned Enventure Research to deliver its staff survey this year to understand levels of employee engagement. The survey will be administered online, with email invitations and reminders sent to all staff. Enventure Research will provide a comprehensive report following fieldwork.

Workforce insights research with quality management professionals

Enventure Research is pleased to be working with a new client in the form of the Chartered Quality Institute (CQI) to deliver its 2021 Workforce Insights Research.


The project will involve an online survey targeting anyone working in the quality management profession, which aims to better understand entry routes into the profession, challenges and barriers to progression, and how the CQI can better promote quality as a career. It will be promoted via email invitation to all CQI and IRCA (International Register of Certificated Auditors) members, but will also be open to non-members working in the profession.


As the IRCA has a large number of Japanese members, the survey will be translated into Japanese to make it as accessible as possible, and achieve a high response rate.


Following the survey, a programme of qualitative research is planned to gain further insight.

Wakefield Council Markets Engagement

Wakefield Council has commissioned Enventure Research to undertake a programme of engagement with Markets Service stakeholders. The findings from the engagement programme will feed into a wider review of the Markets Service, which will provide the basis of an improvement plan that will contribute to improved provision, service efficiency and effectiveness, and secure the long-term prosperous delivery of markets in the Wakefield district. Enventure Research will conduct a telephone survey with 800 residents from the district that is representative in terms of age group, ethnic group, area and sex, as well as a self-completion survey administered online and via a paper survey with traders and residents. In addition, our researchers will moderate focus groups and in depth interviews with Markets Service staff and college students. Enventure Research will provide Wakefield Council with a comprehensive report on the findings from the engagement in December 2021.

Knaresborough Resident Survey

Following the Government’s announcement to form a new devolved unitary authority in North Yorkshire, Knaresborough Town Council commissioned Enventure Research to deliver an online survey of its residents to understand the priorities of its residents. Enventure Research is also conducting a representative survey with a sample of 200 Knaresborough residents alongside the open survey via telephone and face-to-face interviews. The results of the survey will be provided to Knaresborough Town Council in a visual presentation.

Wakefield Council Priorities and Budget Consultation

Wakefield Council has commissioned Enventure Research for the second year running to deliver its Priorities and Budget Consultation. The consultation involves exploring what residents like about living in the Wakefield District, what they think could be improved, rating Council services and discussing the potential funding gap. Businesses will also be consulted to find out about being based in the Wakefield District and what support they need from Wakefield Council.

Colney Heath Parish Council public consultation

Enventure Research has been commissioned by Colney Heath Parish Council to conduct an online survey of local residents. The survey, designed and hosted by Enventure Research, will aim to establish residents’ views of the local community, the future of Colney Heath Parish and will explore options for the future of three of the Parish Council’s assets. The survey will launch in January 2022, with Enventure Research providing the Parish Council with a comprehensive report on the survey findings in the Spring.

Cornwall Council Resident Survey 2021

Enventure Research is once more conducting Cornwall Council’s Resident Survey this year. The survey provides feedback on what is important to people and what they think of their Council, the services it provides and its value for money. 3,000 Cornwall residents aged 18+ will be interviewed over the next 12 weeks. Quotas will be set on gender, age group and area of the county using the latest population statistics to provide a sample that is representative in terms of these characteristics. Enventure Research will provide Cornwall Council with a comprehensive report on the findings following fieldwork.

Barnet Council’s Property Licensing Schemes Consultation

Barnet Council is undertaking a consultation with tenants, landlords, agents and other interested parties regarding proposed property licensing for houses of multiple occupancy (HMOs) and private accommodation. The Council managed the online survey itself and commissioned Enventure Research to undertake analysis of the results from the online survey and deliver discussion groups. The findings will help the Council understand the public’s views on the Council’s proposals.