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Improving access to primary health care in Wakefield District Consultation

Central Government wants the public to be able to see or talk to a GP practice seven days a week, with the aim of making sure everybody has equal access to primary care and an equally good experience, regardless of time or place.


NHS Wakefield Commissioning Group has started to look at how it can improve primary care in the Wakefield District, as well as look at other care such as urgent care.  Part of this process has involved undertaking a consultation with members of the public and local organisations in the Wakefield District.


Enventure Research has been commissioned to support the consultation process, undertaking independent analysis and reporting and providing recommendations based on the consultation’s findings.

Matt achieves Market Research Society Certified Membership

We are pleased to announce that Matt Thurman, Enventure’s Research Director, has achieved Certified Membership status from the Market Research Society.


Certified status is the professional membership grade of MRS, recognising Matt’s wealth of experience in social and market research and academic achievement.


Matt’s new level of membership also further cements Enventure Research’s position as an MRS Company Partner, ensuring that the company abides by the MRS Code of Conduct and commits to the very highest research standards.

Enventure working again with the Royal Town Planning Institute

Enventure Research has been commissioned once again to deliver research on behalf of the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI).



Enventure has previously worked with the RTPI to conduct a membership survey, but this new project focus on RTPI members who have allowed their membership to lapse and those working in the town planning sector who are not members of the organisation.  The research aims to explore reasons for allowing RTPI membership to lapse and reasons for not becoming a member in order to improve retention rates, increase the size of the organisations membership and improve the services provided to members.



The research will take the form of an online survey of lapsed RTPI members and those working in town planning who are not members of the RTPI. Following this, further qualitative research is planned to investigate the survey results in greater depth.

NHS England appoints Enventure Research to consult on public communication

NHS England recently commissioned Enventure Research to undertake research to gain a better understanding of how people find out about health information and the best ways that NHS England, in particular North, Midlands and East NHS Communications Services, communicate with the public.  The research involved interviewing 1,500 members of the public in Shropshire and Staffordshire followed by a series of focus groups to discuss and explore issues in greater detail.


The research revealed that people prefer traditional forms of communication when it is of a personal nature, but are happy to receive general health information via email and text.  There is a reluctance to use social media for health information, but people do use NHS websites for health information and advice as they trust the NHS name.  NHS England will be looking to make more people aware of the services that pharmacists offer as these are often under-utilised and could help reduce demand on other health services.


Heaton Park Visitor Experience Survey

Enventure Research has been commissioned by Manchester City Council to undertake a survey of visitors to Heaton Park to better understand customer experience.


Heaton Park is a jewel in Manchester’s crown and one of the most impressive green spaces in the UK, with 2 to 3 million visits each year. The Park and Hall are a major historic and cultural asset and a key anchor for regeneration of North Manchester.


The survey aims to explore visitors experiences, particularly around some of the businesses and attractions that operate from within the park, such as a land-train, boating lake, two cafes, a garden centre and animal centre, in addition to overall levels of satisfaction and frequency of visiting.


Enventure Research will be deploying a large team of fieldwork interviewers to administer the survey to 600 visitors, using Computer Aided Personal Interviewing (CAPI) in the form of a handheld tablet. Following the fieldwork, Enventure will provide Manchester City Council with a detailed report of the findings, providing clear recommendations based on the survey results.



Enventure’s Directors take on sporting challenges for charity

Enventure’s Directors, Matt Thurman and Mark Robinson, recently faced sporting challenges whilst raising money for charity. Matt, a keen runner, decided to run the Leeds Half Marathon and raised a combined £735 for The British Red Cross.  Mark, a keen swimmer, swam one mile in Lake Windermere in the Great North Swim and raised £615 for the Teenage Cancer Trust.   Both are now deciding what their next challenges should be!



Manchester Day Parade Visitor Survey 2015

Enventure Research was pleased to be once again working with Manchester City Council at the Manchester Day Parade 2015 to deliver another visitor survey, designed to measure perceptions of the parade and the impact of the event.


Manchester Day Parade has been a regular event in the city in the last few years, with the ambition of celebrating the creativity and diversity that is synonymous with the city.  It is a great opportunity to celebrate individual and collective pride in the city as well as portray the stories of what makes people feel uniquely Mancunian in a highly visual way.


The event itself is a parade that winds its way through the city starting on Liverpool Road, Castlefield, before moving to Deansgate, Albert Square and finishing at Exchange Square. The parade features floats, inflatables and bands alongside groups and individuals representing a range of local organisations.  There are over 2,000 participants, 100 groups and 150 volunteers.   It is estimated that approximately 60,000 visitors attended the parade.


Enventure administered a face to face survey with 270 visitors to the parade using a random sampling method at six locations along the parade route. Interviewers wore branded Manchester Day Parade t-shirts and handed out parade information leaflets to respondents. The questionnaire used was designed by Manchester City Council and Enventure Research which replicated most questions which were asked in previous surveys so comparisons could be made.


manchester day parade

Recycle for Greater Manchester Resident Engagement

Recycle for Greater Manchester has recently commissioned the services of Enventure Research to conduct a large-scale programme of resident engagement in order to have a positive impact on recycling rates across eight of the local authorities that it represents.


Each area that Enventure will target as part of this engagement has been identified as low-performing in terms of recycling, where additional materials could be captured via the kerbside recycling services, diverted from landfill and recycled.


Each campaign will be tailored to the needs of each local authority, including Bolton, Rochdale, Manchester, Oldham, Salford, Stockport, Tameside and Trafford. A large team of Recycling Promoters will be recruited to speak to residents on their doorstep, providing them with useful information about the recycling services available, asking questions about their recycling attitudes and behaviours, and answering any questions the resident may have.

Additional Priority Neighbourhoods Survey for Affinity Sutton

Enventure Research is once again working with Affinity Sutton to deliver a neighbourhood survey, this time with its residents living in Warrington, to find out what their current opinion of their local area is. The survey, which is being administered by telephone, aims to gain satisfaction levels from Affinity Sutton residents on a range of local issues and identify any common suggestions for practical changes and improvements.


The same survey has already been conducted by Enventure Research with residents on three estates in Bromley and South Shields.



This initial survey will create a baseline and will be repeated in 2016 following the completion of important improvement works and community investment activities by Affinity Sutton to see if the opinions of residents have changed as a result.

Waverley Citizens’ Panel – Your Voices, Your Choices

Enventure Research is delighted to announce details about their first piece of research with Waverley Borough Council. Enventure Research was commissioned in April to carry out the recruitment for Waverley Borough Council’s Citizens’ Panel – Your Voices, Your Choices. The Citizens’ Panel is designed to allow Waverley residents have their voices heard surrounding issues within their Borough.


Between 1000-1300 people will be recruited to the panel by Enventure Research through postal, online and face-to-face surveys. Once the Citizens’ Panel is set up, which will be representative of Waverley residents, members will be asked to take part in approximately two consultations per year.