BEAT: Birth Experiences of Anaesthetic Trainees

Thank you for your interest in the ♥BEAT study. However, you do not meet the inclusion criteria for this survey.


If you have any colleagues or friends who meet the inclusion criteria (see below), and who might be interested in participating in the study, please forward this link to them:


If you wish to be informed by email when the results of the study become available (e.g. after presentation or publication), please email (your answers to the questionnaire will not be linked in any way to your email).


Inclusion criteria:


  • First child between 01/05/2014 and 30/04/2019 in the UK.
  • Anaesthetic trainee* at the time of delivery.
  • Completed, or in the process of completing, basic competency in obstetric anaesthesia (or equivalent) at the time of delivery.


*defined as in a recognised anaesthetic training programme, either core training (‘pure’ anaesthetic or ACCS) or numbered ST post (or equivalent for non-UK trained anaesthetists), including those on OOP attachments.

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