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Enventure Research’s services during the COVID-19 pandemic

As the number of COVID-19 cases continue to rise in the UK, we are taking appropriate steps in line with Government and Public Health England guidance. The safety of our staff and those participating in research is paramount. All Enventure Research staff are now working from home and using the various online communication tools for virtual meetings and communication.


Face-to-face interviewing and in-person qualitative research have been postponed, however, online research (quantitative and qualitative) and telephone interviews are still ongoing. Telephone interviewers are also working remotely in line with GDPR and MRS Code of Conduct and using unique ID and password combinations to log on to a secure online portal. Enventure Research also has in place Cyber Essentials.


Research projects are still being delivered where the methodology allows, and we are still providing quotes and proposals for upcoming work. Any queries for current projects should be directed to individual project managers and any queries regarding new projects or requests for quotes / proposals, should be sent to


All staff at Enventure Research would like to send their gratitude to all NHS staff, health and social workers, teachers and other key workers in this difficult time.

GPhC survey of registered pharmacy professionals 2019

Enventure Research recently undertook a major survey of registered pharmacy professionals for the General Pharmaceutical Council. Enventure Research would like to thank everyone for taking part, which amounted to over 12,000 pharmacists and over 6,000 pharmacy technicians.


The survey results provided the GPhC with invaluable insight into areas including job roles and responsibilities, work settings, employment and practice, future work plans and geographical spread of registered pharmacy professionals.


Enventure Research provided the GPhC with a range of reports that included a main report, summary infographics, a report comparing the findings with 2013, and an equality, diversity and inclusion report.


More information can be found on the GPhC website.

Enventure Research working to become Carbon Neutral

At Enventure Research, we are working towards reducing our impact on the environment and climate change, through office-based activities and the delivery of research projects. This has involved looking at our energy use and travel, our main contributors to carbon emissions. We have completed a Carbon Footprint review and have set targets where we can realistically make a difference.


We are pleased that we have offset our carbon emissions generated in 2019 and have invested in UK tree planting. This equates to the planting of 15 trees (for 15 tonnes of CO2). This offsetting is for our energy use and travel undertaken by staff commuting to and from work and travel (by car, train, bus and tram/underground) for work purposes including travel by fieldwork interviewers.


We are committed to continuing to offset our carbon emissions in the future whilst at the same time also working to reduce our carbon footprint in the first place.

Too cool for yule? Less than half of British adults have an advent calendar

According to a recent YouGov poll, less than half (49%) of British adults were expecting to receive an advent calendar this year, meaning that more people were left empty-handed on the first day of December yesterday.


Of those who were expecting to have an advent calendar this year, only a quarter (26%) said they were looking forward to opening it and were excited to some extent, while 23% said they weren’t very excited. The poll also showed that women were more likely to be looking forward to kick-starting the festive season with an advent calendar (33%) than men (19%).


Eight in ten (80%) advent calendars will be chocolate, with a further 13% saying they had bought calendars containing beauty products. Another 11% said they’ve purchased calendars containing toys and 6% of Brits will be opening a different tipple in their alcoholic advent calendar each day.


Whether you have an advent calendar or not, we hope you enjoy the festive season now that it has started.

Manchester City Council appoints Enventure Research to continue its tracking survey

We are delighted to announce that Manchester City Council has commissioned Enventure Research to continue delivering its reputation tracking survey for another year. The quarterly survey is a snap shot of Manchester residents’ perceptions of Manchester City Council’s services, enabling the Council to monitor its services and make improvements where necessary.



Enventure Research featured in LGA Christmas Markets report

The Local Government Association (LGA) has included the research delivered by Enventure Research at the Birmingham Frankfurt Christmas market in its report looking at the local impact of Christmas markets.


The research was conducted on behalf of Marketing Birmingham, now part of the West Midlands Growth Company, in 2016 and was used by Marketing Birmingham and Birmingham City Council to further analyse the success of the Christmas market as well as its economical impact. Enventure Research has also delivered surveys with visitors the Christmas markets in Manchester every year since 2014 and delivered a small-scale survey of visitors to the Christmas market in Cheltenham last year.


The LGA’s report concludes that benefits of Christmas markets includes increased tourism, wider benefit to the town or city, increasing average spend per during Christmas time and appeal to a wider demographic. The report also suggests that smaller Christmas markets in particular could benefit from carrying out visitor research in order to evidence their impact. Visitor surveys also help market organisers establish visitors’ satisfaction with markets, suggestions for improvement, economic impact and awareness of marketing and sponsors, amongst other things.


If you are interested in undertaking research at your Christmas market, please get in touch – we would be happy to help!

Enventure Research working with Manchester City Council on climate change research

Manchester City Council recently commissioned Enventure Research to deliver research on its behalf with Manchester residents regarding climate change. The research aims to explore residents’ awareness, understanding and perceptions of climate change and to establish what they believe the Council should prioritise in terms of combating climate change.


Enventure Research is currently carrying out an on-street survey with a representative sample of Manchester residents. A team of local, experienced interviewers are administering the survey via CAPI technology, following a questionnaire that has been designed in partnership between Enventure and Manchester City Council. The questionnaire has included questions from other similar surveys so that direct comparisons can be made at the reporting stage. In order to explore the survey topics in greater depth, the research will also include a series of focus groups held with Manchester residents.


Following completion of all fieldwork a full report will be provided to Manchester City Council, detailing the findings from the representative survey and focus groups. The findings from the research will inform the development of a future climate change campaign delivered by Manchester City Council and will be used by the Council to achieve their aim of becoming a zero-carbon city by 2038.