Birmingham Public Perceptions Survey 2016

The Project

Enventure Research was appointed by Marketing Birmingham to undertake its 2016 Perceptions Survey. The organisation is the area’s strategic marketing partnership and operates the leisure and business tourism programmes Visit Birmingham and Meet Birmingham, which promote Birmingham and its wider area, including the Black Country and Solihull.

Marketing Birmingham has conducted a survey since 2005 to provide market intelligence on perceptions of Birmingham as a place to visit, do business and as a place for businesses to relocate to. The results of these surveys have been used to track perceptions over time to understand trends and provide information on important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).



Research Methods

Questions from previous surveys were utilised to provide consistency and allow for direct comparisons with previous survey results. Additional new questions were included to determine the impact of recent or upcoming political changes (e.g. Brexit) on people’s propensity to take day trips and city breaks within the UK and to visit Birmingham. Questions about Birmingham’s Christmas markets were also adapted from the 2016 Christmas markets survey (also conducted by Enventure Research) in order to allow comparisons to be made between the two data sets.


A number of new survey questions were also included in order to provide topical information (covering for example, Birmingham’s Christmas markets and events programme and the impact of Brexit).


In line with previous years, the research was conducted as a telephone survey in order to collect data quickly from a defined population and to meet specified quotas. Enventure Research’s team of experienced interviewers administered the survey between 16 November 2016 and 17 December 2016. Quotas were set on gender, age and UK region to ensure a sample representative of the UK population was achieved. A quota on the frequency of visiting Birmingham was also set to ensure a variety of views were collected from those who lived in the city, those who had visited recently (within the last five years), those who had visited (but not within the last five years) and those who had never visited.




In total, 922 surveys were administered to a representative sample of UK consumers by trained market research interviewers. Responses were recorded using CATI (computer aided telephone interviewing) technology.

Before undertaking analysis, the data was weighted by gender, age and UK region to ensure it was truly representative of the UK population and that particular subgroups were not under or over represented within the sample. The findings were presented to Marketing Birmingham in a detailed research report, which compared the results with those from previous years’ surveys and contained clear and practical conclusions and recommendations. The findings will be used by Marketing Birmingham to track perceptions over time in order to understand trends and provide information on KPIs.



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