Bolton Visitor Exit Survey

The Project

Enventure Research was commissioned by Bolton Council to undertake a series of face-to-face exit interviews with visitors to two indoor shopping locations in Bolton town centre during and after the Christmas period.


The Council wished to survey visitors to The Market Place and Crompton Place to gather information about how far they had travelled to their chosen shopping location (assessed by collecting visitors’ postcodes), other places they had visited in Bolton town centre, approximate spend, party compositions, methods of travelling to the shopping centres, frequency of use of the shopping centres, shops visited, places to eat and drink visited, and suggestions for any improvements to the centres.  Respondents at The Market Place were also asked if they had visited the Light Cinema and Amazonia on the day of their interview.


Research Methods

A short questionnaire was designed by Bolton Council and Enventure Research to gather this information.


The questionnaire was administered by a series of trained market research interviewers to visitors as they exited The Market Place and Crompton Place and took approximately five minutes to complete.  The interviewing team were fully briefed on the project background prior to fieldwork commencing and abided by the Market Research Society Code of Conduct.


Interviewing took place over December 2016 and January 2017.  The team worked at different times of the day and on different days of the week (including weekends) to ensure that a wide variety of people had the opportunity to participate in the survey.  Interviewers were provided with a handheld tablet computer to electronically record survey responses and carried a photographic identification badge, complete with contact telephone numbers and logos for both Bolton Council and Enventure Research.


Each staff member transferred their collected data via Wi-Fi on a daily basis, allowing Enventure Research to monitor progress and provide regular updates to Bolton Council.  A total of 2,002 interviews were completed over the duration of fieldwork: 1,000 at The Market Place and 1,002 at Crompton Place.


Results and Benefits to the Client

Upon fieldwork completion Enventure Research undertook detailed analysis on the results, providing the Council with a comprehensive written report which outlined the key findings and provided recommendations for improvements to the two shopping centres.


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