Bury Metroplitan Borough Council Recycling Doorstepping Campaign

The Project

Bury Council commissioned Enventure Research to undertake a doorstepping engagement campaign with its residents, specifically focused on increasing participation in the food waste collection scheme. The Council collects a wide range of materials from residents but it had been identified that some residential areas were not participating in the food waste scheme for a variety of reasons. The Council wished to improve this situation, given that food waste makes up a significant proportion of the residual bin in Bury.


Approximately 9,000 properties in low-performing areas were identified by the Council to be directly approached during the campaign by six of Enventure Research’s experienced Recycling Promoters. A target contact rate of 30% was set, with the team aiming to speak with at least 2,700 residents in the target areas about food waste.


Research Methods

Prior to commencing work, the team attended a training session designed to inform them about the recycling services available in Bury, provide some background to the campaign and introduce staff members to the conversational-style questionnaire to be used to explore residents’ attitudes towards and current usage of the waste and recycling services. The survey was administered on the doorstep by the recycling engagement team via handheld tablet computers, which enabled data to be transferred back to the Enventure Research office on a daily basis.


Recycling Promoters were able to answer any questions residents had about the scheme, helping them to overcome any perceived barriers in recycling and ultimately increase their participation in the scheme. Residents were also offered the opportunity to order replacement recycling containers if needed. The doorstep interaction generally lasted around five minutes.


Results and Benefits to the Client

The doorstepping activity commenced on Tuesday 15 March and ended on Thursday 5 May 2016. Over the course of the campaign, the team visited all properties identified by Bury Council and revisited a number of areas to achieve the required contact rate. In total, the team spoke to 2,860 households, thereby achieving a contact rate of 32%.


In addition to daily reports about recycling container requests and weekly progress reports, Enventure Research provided Bury Council with a thorough final report which included detailed survey findings, feedback from residents and clear conclusions and recommendations for future engagement activity.


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