Cambridgeshire County Council Business Plan Consultation

The Project

As part of its business planning process, Cambridgeshire County Council (CCC) wished to develop an insight into residents’ views about what should be considered priority areas for budget spending, finding out where residents felt that potential savings could be made.


Enventure Research was commissioned to conduct a doorstep survey of residents as part of its consultation on budget setting for the coming year.


Research Methods

A total of 1,179 face-to-face surveys were conducted with a representative sample of residents in each of the four rural districts in Cambridgeshire and Cambridge City over a five-week period.  Quotas were set and successfully met on age, gender, ethnicity, working status and geographical location (including separate urban and rural quotas) to ensure the representativeness of the sample.


The survey took the form of a structured qualitative interview, developed in partnership between Enventure Research and CCC, with all interviews conducted by an experienced team of IQCS-trained interviewers.  Interviewers used Computer Aided Personal Interviewing (CAPI) devices to administer the survey and record residents’ responses, which allowed data to be transferred back to the Enventure Research office on a daily basis and updates to be made to the questionnaire in the field if required.


This approach also allowed real-time data analysis and regular performance checks to be carried out.  Interview shifts took place at different times, on both weekdays and weekends, to ensure that all segments of the community had an equal opportunity to participate.


Each interview lasted approximately 15 minutes.  Topics covered in the survey included residents’ values, spending and investment, Council Tax, perceptions about the local area and perceptions about the County Council.


The doorstep survey also ran in parallel with other engagement exercises conducted by the CCC Research Group, including workshops and a separate online survey, promoted through local media.


Results and Benefits to the Client

Following fieldwork completion, Enventure Research delivered a comprehensive research report containing detailed analysis of the findings.



“Enventure Research has recently completed Cambridgeshire County Council’s Budget Consultation fieldwork. The company has been excellent throughout, engaging with us and discussing our needs at all points. Effort into preparing the door-to-door work was exemplary, with piloting conducted in recommended areas and support given in developing the survey in a way that would be manageable for face-to-face discussion. The identification of a sample representative of the population as a whole was carried out well, with good engagement at all times to ensure locations identified were appropriate.


Enventure Research met all deadlines put to them – despite our giving relatively tight deadlines within which to complete the fieldwork. The analysis of the consultation was excellent – clearly written and well-presented. In closing we requested a final presentation of results to be given to County Councillors – this was well-received and Joanne worked well – both with us in the development of the seminar, and with Councillors on the day itself, giving a seamless presentation and managing questions posed with ease.”

Louise Meats, Marketing and Research and Performance Team, Cambridgeshire County Council

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