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The Project

Enventure Research were commissioned by the General Dental Council (GDC) to undertake an online survey of its registrants to test a new mobile website. Enventure Research has worked with the GDC on a number of occasions on different research projects.


As part of their registration with the GDC, all dental professionals agree to adhere to a set of professional standards set by the GDC which aim to protect both patients and dental professionals. A new version of these standards came into effect in September 2013.


The GDC had developed a mobile site to allow its registrants to access the standards via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Prior to launching the site, the GDC wished to test what it was like to use with a sample of registrants to ensure it was accessible and user-friendly.


Research Methods

As the research aimed to test an online resource and to provide quick turnaround of results, an online survey methodology was chosen. A short questionnaire was designed in partnership between the GDC and Enventure Research which aimed to ascertain how user-friendly the mobile site was and how useful the information it presented was.


A sample of 2,500 registrants from drawn from a list of those who had previously opted in to take part in further research with the GDC and Enventure Research. The sample was approximately representative of the GDC register in terms of the split between dentists and dental care professionals (DCPs).


The survey was hosted online by Enventure Research between 3 and 6 April 2014. During this short timeframe, all GDC registrants within the sample received a personalised email invitation which contained a link to the standards mobile site and a unique link to take part in the testing survey.


Before completing the survey, registrants were encouraged to spend a few minutes testing the website using either a smartphone or tablet device and accessing various areas, including the standards themselves, at least one case study and one set of frequently asked questions.


Results and Benefits to the Client

Within the short timeframe of the survey, 150 GDC registrants took part in the user testing, providing valuable feedback to the GDC about the mobile site before launch. The survey results were presented in a headline report for the GDC, including data tabulations.


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