Histon & Impington Parish Council Neighbourhood Plan Consultation


The Project

Enventure Research was appointed by Histon & Impington Parish Council to develop and conduct a consultation programme with Parish residents to gather useful feedback and opinions from residents to help formulate its Neighbourhood Plan. The Plan will set out the community’s vision for the Histon & Impington area over the next 15 years, putting into place policies to help deliver that vision, determine sources of revenue, community spend and influence planning permission for development in the area.


The Parish Council wished to engage with people who lived in, worked in, studied in and visited Histon & Impington to consult about issues, priorities and ideas, as well as evaluate likes and dislikes and satisfaction with the community. A mixed quantitative and qualitative approach was taken to this research in the form of a survey, focus groups and in depth telephone interviews.


Research Methods

Between 2nd and 8th August 2016, a series of focus groups and in depth interviews with people who lived in Histon & Impington or owned or managed local businesses was facilitated by Enventure Research’s experienced moderators, who followed a specifically designed discussion guide to allow all relevant topics to be covered. The discussion guide was designed in consultation with the Parish Council and examined important topics and local issues such as perceptions of the community, local facilities including shops and restaurants, housing development, public transport, the environment, pollution and traffic.


Those taking part in the qualitative phase of the research included a mixture of males and females, different age groups and people from different locations and businesses based in the community. In total, 31 people took part in focus groups and interviews and Enventure Research provided the Council with a report detailing the findings from the first phase of the research.


Following the focus groups and interviews, a survey was designed in partnership between Histon & Impington Parish Council and Enventure Research to measure local people’s likes and dislikes within the community, identify local issues and to understand what they would like to see based in the community in 15 years’ time. The survey was open to all people who lived in, worked in, studied in and visited Histon & Impington and took approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. Paper copies of the questionnaire were distributed by volunteers to every household in the community, along with a pre-paid envelope so that it could be returned directly to Enventure Research. The questionnaire was also made available for collection at local venues, such as the library, pubs and shops.


The survey was additionally hosted online, with the online link printed on the front page of the paper questionnaire and publicised on posters displayed around Histon & Impington, on the Parish Council website and via social media. The link to the survey was also provided to Impington Village College and all pupils were invited to take part. The online survey was fully optimised for all devices connected to the internet so that respondents were able to take part on smartphones and tablets, as well as via PC or laptop.


Results and Benefits to the Client

The survey was live from 8th September to 14th October 2016. During this time, a total of 2,167 responses were received, with 59% received online and 42% via the paper questionnaire. The findings were analysed and a comprehensive research report was produced, which also included the earlier qualitative insight and included recommendations to inform the drafting of the Council’s Neighbourhood Plan. These were also presented to Histon & Impington Parish Council.


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