Insight & evaluation to inappropriate speeding – Calderdale Council


The Project

Calderdale Council was planning to run a campaign aimed at reducing the number of residents becoming distracted whilst driving, with a target age group of 30 to 50.

It commissioned Enventure to a conduct a programme of research to inform the development of the campaign.

The focus of the research was to look at current driving habits, understand likely causes of distractions and breaks in concentration and discover what might influence or change drivers’ behaviour. The research also pre-tested the marketing materials being developed for the campaign to measure its likely impact on the target audience.


Research Methods

Enventure moderated four focus groups with male and female residents aged 30 to 50 across Calderdale. Allowance was made for discussions about other issues relevant to the campaign.


“I have rated Enventure as excellent – a true representation of the level of service provided to us as the client.”

Kate Marsh, Deputy Road Safety Officer, Calderdale Council


The research gave Calderdale Council useful information about:

  • people’s perceptions of what constitutes a distraction
  • what type of marketing message would be likely to have the greatest impact on their behaviour
  • the most effective platform for delivering those messages
  • who best to target the campaign at.

Valuable feedback was also given on how local drivers were likely to respond to the marketing materials being developed.


Benefits to Client

Calderdale Council was able to target its campaign more effectively and cost-efficiently taking into consideration the findings of the research.  The campaign has been a huge success with many drivers changing their driving habits.


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