Recycling Campaign Insight Research


The Project


Leeds City Council, as part of its ambition to become a ‘zero waste’ city, will be launching a behavioural change campaign targeting glass recycling and paper/card recycling, the waste streams that were identified as most problematic following a compositional analysis of waste within bins in Leeds.


These campaigns will build on previous campaigns delivered by the authority; however to ensure the behavioural change campaigns are targeted to achieve the desired results, Leeds City Council identified the need to undertake research with a representative sample of Leeds residents.  This research would provide insight into current recycling behaviours, the barriers residents face, what influences them, their motivations to change their recycling behaviour, appropriate communication channels, and the messages that would have the most impact.  Enventure Research was appointed to deliver this research.



Research Methods

A series of four focus groups was held with a representative selection of Leeds residents.  All focus groups, which each lasted for approximately 90 minutes, were facilitated by a researcher from Enventure Research, who followed a specifically designed discussion guide to allow all relevant topics to be covered.  The discussion guide was designed in consultation with Leeds City Council and examined the barriers to recycling either glass or paper and card, and tested a range of communications messages.


A range of residents, all of whom did not recycle, attended the focus groups.  Participants were recruited on-street to be generally representative of the Leeds population in terms of gender, employment, ethnicity and age.



Results & Benefit to the Client

After all the groups were completed, the findings were analysed and common themes arising from the research were detailed in a comprehensive research report.  The insight gained from running the four focus groups will enable Leeds City Council to develop and deliver a targeted campaign to increase recycling of glass and paper/card and decrease the amount of contamination in these waste streams.



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