NHS Kirklees Changing Attitudes Towards Alcohol Research

nhs kirkleesThe Project

Enventure Research was commissioned by NHS Kirklees to provide scoping research to explore attitudes towards alcohol consumption in order to develop a social marketing campaign. The campaign would be designed to help Kirklees residents move from a stage of ‘pre-contemplation’ to ‘contemplation’ and think about their drinking habits.


Once the scoping research was complete, the campaign took shape in the form of the ‘Think About Your Drinking’ campaign which targeted parents, encouraging them to think about the impact their drinking could have on their children. The campaign included posters, billboards, leaflets, a website and Facebook page, street theatre and activity sessions held at local children’s centres. Enventure Research was then tasked with evaluating the effectiveness of this campaign.


Research Methods

During the scoping phase of research, Enventure Research carried out on-street interviews with 450 Kirklees residents across five locations, and conducted six in-depth interviews with residents. All those taking part in the scoping research were categorised as being ‘higher risk’ drinkers, consuming over a certain number of alcohol units on a weekly basis.


The evaluation research was carried out in three stages. Firstly, a repeat of the on-street survey was carried out in order to track resident attitudes towards alcohol, allowing for direct comparison of results, and to test awareness levels of the ‘Think About Your Drinking’ campaign. Secondly, a self-completion survey was carried out at the activity sessions at local children’s centres to evaluate what kind of impact the sessions had on parents’ attitudes towards alcohol. Thirdly, in-depth interviews were held with a sample of parents who had attended ‘Think About Your Drinking’ activity sessions, along with children’s centre workers who had facilitated the sessions.


Results and Benefits to the Client

The scoping research provided NHS Kirklees with a strong sense of direction for the social marketing campaign, enabling it to target the campaign specifically at parents. The evaluation research found that those who had encountered the campaign thought that it was very effective, and that in some cases it had encouraged them to think differently about their alcohol consumption and even change their drinking behaviour. The research also provided suggestions as to how the campaign could be improved if rolled out further across Kirklees.


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