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The Project

Enventure Research was contracted by East Lindsey District Council (ELDC) to undertake a face-to-face survey with members of the public as part of its Parking Strategy Review. The District Council operate 55 car parks and wished to review tariffs charged to ensure they more closely reflect the needs and circumstances of each respective community.


Research Methods

A survey was designed by Enventure Research and ELDC to collect insight into residents’ and visitors’ views on the current provision of parking, their habits when driving into town, what is important to them when considering where to park and what impact changes to ELDC provided parking would have on them.


Our team of trained, locally-based interviewers conducted the survey with a random sample at key coastal and market towns over two separate weeks to allow for comparison between peak and off-peak seasons. The interviewing schedule covered different times of the day on weekdays and weekends. A total of 722 interviews were completed.


To encourage further participation in the consultation, an online version of the questionnaire will be securely hosted by Enventure Research and paper questionnaires will be made available in relevant locations across the district, such as local town halls, libraries and other customer access points. If residents or visitors did not have time to take part in the face-to-face survey, they were handed a leaflet which included a link to the online survey. A total of 606 paper and online responses were received, creating a total sample size of 1,328.


Results and Benefits to Client

The data collected was thoroughly analysed by Enventure Research and a report was produced to highlight the key findings of the consultation, including preferred car parks, reasons for driving and parking in ELDC towns, attitudes towards parking and parking charges, and importantly what would encourage them to decide to drive and park in town more in the future. These findings will be considered by ELDC when reviewing the provision of car parking across the district.


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