Recycling Trial Consultation & Evaluation – Leeds City Council


The Project

Leeds City Council conducted a trial recycling scheme in the Rothwell area of Leeds, involving alternate weekly collections of general waste & recycling and the introduction of a food waste recycling service. Enventure was again commissioned by Leeds City Council to engage with Rothwell residents in order to evaluate the trial recycling scheme and investigate its success, highlight practical issues, evaluate communication material sent out during the trial and assess its validity in being rolled out to other areas of Leeds.  Enventure had previously carried out initial scoping research into the trial, consulting with residents on what size food waste bin would be most appropriate for their needs and how the trial would impact on their recycling habits.


Research Methods

A combination of quantitative and qualitative methodologies were adopted to give Enventure sufficient robustness as well as an in depth insight. Firstly, a door to door attitudinal survey of residents was conducted, where Enventure’s experienced team of interviewers engaged with a large number of residents, completing a questionnaire designed to investigate their understanding, usage and opinions of the trial. The survey was supported by a series of focus groups with residents, stratified by life stage, which allowed a deeper understanding to be gained as to why residents held the opinions they did, and to really comprehend what issues were
associated with the trial.



Results from both the attitudinal survey and focus groups were very positive, with residents generally happy to be part of the recycling trial, claiming that it had quickly becoming part of their everyday household chores. The food waste service was especially was well received. The specifics of the scheme were also thoroughly investigated, particularly the liners provided for and the size of the food waste bins.


Benefits to Client

The research gave the Council a valuable insight into the recycling trial, providing strategic guidance and clear direction to ensure successful rollout of the scheme to other areas of Leeds if required in the future. Feedback from residents concerning the size of their food waste bin and the continued provision of liners will enable the Council to do this in a cost-effective manner.


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