Sheffield Air Quality Campaign Evaluation


Following earlier research surrounding its Air Quality Campaign, Enventure Research was again commissioned by Sheffield City Council to undertake a survey to assess public levels of awareness of air pollution in Sheffield.


The AirAware campaign began in 2014 and continues to raise awareness of air pollution, including types, sources, effects, how to tackle the issue and what is currently being done. It aims to effect behaviour change, encouraging the public to do more to reduce pollution levels and to protect themselves from air pollution. Sheffield City Council secured funding from Defra to plan, implement and deliver the campaign prior to the implementation of a proposed Low Emission Zone in the city.


Baseline research was conducted by Enventure Research in May 2014 in order to assess current levels of air pollution in Sheffield. The research comprised a face-to-face on-street survey of Sheffield residents in a number of locations across the city. The survey was administered by a local team of IQCS (Interviewer Quality Control Scheme) trained interviewers via tablet computer. Further evaluation research was conducted in March 2015 by Enventure Research to assess the impact of the campaign, highlighting any changes in views, attitudes and behaviours of the general public in Sheffield. Over 600 residents were interviewed across the two interviewing stages.


To continue the evaluation of AirAware, Enventure Research was once again appointed to conduct an on-street survey with Sheffield residents, recording levels of awareness of air pollution in Sheffield and awareness and understanding of the campaign. The survey replicated many existing questions from previous waves of the survey to allow results to be tracked over time. A number of topics were explored via the survey, including awareness of the different types of air pollution and their sources, understanding of the impacts of air pollution on health, what can be done to reduce air pollution, awareness of the AirAware campaign and testing of campaign materials, current transport usage, and willingness to make changes to behaviour to reduce air pollution.


The survey was again administered face-to-face by on-street market research interviewers. In total, 200 residents were interviewed between 19 May and 4 June 2017. Interviews were stratified across a number of areas in Sheffield which were identified as suffering from high levels of air pollution. Broad quotas were set based on the latest Census data to ensure that a generally representative sample of Sheffield residents took part in the survey in terms of gender, age and ethnicity. To help achieve this, interviews were conducted throughout the week, including weekends, to ensure a diverse mix of residents were included.


The results were presented to Sheffield City Council in a detailed research report which compared results from previous years’ research.


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