Supporting Gloucester City’s Food Waste Collection Scheme rollout

GloucesterThe Project

Gloucester City Council operates a weekly kerbside collection scheme, offering residents the opportunity to recycle a variety of dry recyclables in a green box. The council agreed to introduce a food waste recycling service which would also be collected on a weekly basis, where residents can recycle their food waste using a brown caddy. To support the successful rollout of the food waste scheme, Gloucester City wanted to speak to residents to offer support and advice to ensure everyone used the service correctly.


Research Methods

Enventure provided a dedicated team of trained recycling advisors who were local and knew the area.  Over the course of six weeks, the recycling advisors visited and spoke to with 4,837 residents (37% of the 13,000 residents targeted).  Advisors were able to provide residents with information, answer queries and obtain feedback and opinions using Computer Aided Personal Interview (CAPI) equipment.



It was encouraging to learn that awareness levels of both the kerbside services and the new food waste collection were very high, with nearly all residents having received the new food waste caddies to allow them to participate.  Feedback from residents was positive, with advisors reporting that residents welcomed the new food waste collection service and praised the Council and collection crews on the recycling service in general.  During the project, advisors also took 612 green box requests from residents who had previously not had a box to recycle, allowing them to overcome an immediate barrier to participation. 


Benefits to Client

Enventure’s campaign ensured the effective rollout of the new food waste service.  Findings allowed the Council to learn that residents were generally pleased with the services they received but would like to recycle more plastics and other materials.  The project was informative and yielded some useful results, which Gloucester City Council can use to develop future campaigns. 


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