Western Riverside Waste Authority Recycling Doorstepping Campaign 2014

The Project

Western Riverside Waste Authority (WRWA) is the waste disposal authority that works with the London Borough Councils of Hammersmith & Fulham, Kensington & Chelsea, Lambeth and Wandsworth. On behalf of the Boroughs, WRWA undertakes a communications programme aimed at increasing the volume and improving the quality of materials collected from households and delivered to its Material Recycling Facility (MRF). The current focus of its campaign was to improve the quality of materials being placed out by residents, and therefore reduce the amount of contamination into the MRF and continue to increase the amount of waste that is reused and recycled.


Enventure Research was therefore commissioned for a second time by WRWA to undertake a doorstepping engagement campaign across the four constituent Boroughs.


Research Methods

A full-time team of 16 experienced Recycling Promoters, including four team leaders, were recruited from the local and surrounding areas. The project was managed on the ground by a local Project Co-ordinator. Prior to the commencement of the campaign, the doorstepping team attended a comprehensive training session designed to educate them on the recycling services available in each London Borough, the contamination issues being faced, techniques involved with undertaking resident engagement, the questionnaire and health and safety issues.


At the mid-point of the campaign a second training session was held to refresh the teams’ understanding of the recycling services available in the remaining Boroughs left to target.


During the doorstep visit, a short conversational script was used to ensure all topics were covered and to collect useful information about recycling habits and attitudes. This was designed in partnership between Enventure Research, WRWA and the four London Boroughs involved in the partnership. The aims of the doorstep conversation were to encourage non-participating residents to start recycling, to encourage those already participating to recycle more and to encourage all residents to recycle correctly to reduce contamination. Recycling Promoters were also provided with leaflets and magnets to distribute to residents.


Results and Benefits to the Client

The campaign ran for just over five weeks. In total, 50,000 target properties were provided for the doorstepping campaign across the four Boroughs and residents from 15,382 of these households were spoken to by the doorstepping team, resulting in an overall contact rate of 31%.


The findings from the engagement campaign will be used to enlighten the waste and recycling departments and to inform future policy making and assist with scheme developments across the four London Boroughs and WRWA.


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