Public and Stakeholder Workshops

Public and Stakeholder Workshops

Public and stakeholder workshops are effective ways of engaging with clients, residents and other interested stakeholders to further research findings and to create actions from them. Workshops allow for the sharing of ideas and interpretation, bringing to life research findings, conclusions and recommendations, and taking them a step further to ensure that they are understood, agreed and actionable.

Stakeholder workshops are also an opportunity to pass on skills and learning to others, such as facilitation skills, allowing them to continue elements of the research themselves.

In the past, Enventure Research has utilised stakeholder workshops when working with clients who wish to incorporate their own interpretation of the findings into the research, ensuring that any conclusions, recommendations and ways forward are refined, relevant and realistic. They are also extremely useful when discussing and debating research which is helping to shape the design of a campaign or product, as workshops allow stakeholders to investigate the findings and incorporate their own understanding in line with their objectives.

Workshops are an effective means of bringing together stakeholders and respondents, who may otherwise not have direct contact with each other.

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