Online Focus Groups

Online Focus Groups

By utilising the latest software and technology, it is now not only possible but easy to conduct focus group discussions online. These take place in much the same way as Enventure Research’s face-to-face focus groups, but the individual participants contribute to the discussion from their own computer, laptop or mobile device.

Online focus groups are moderated by Enventure Research’s experienced qualitative researchers, who follow a tailored discussion guide. Moderators will begin discussion threads in order to start the conversation and encourage participants to comment and respond to each other, stimulating debate.

These groups can take place in real-time, much like a chat room, or can be moderated over a number of days or weeks, more in the style of a forum discussion where participants can post replies at any time of the day.

Online focus groups are an excellent way of conducting a group discussion without the need to invite participants along to a specific venue, allowing them to take part from the comfort of their own home. They are particularly useful for dispersed populations.

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