Online Surveys

Online Surveys

Enventure Research has a wealth of experience of carrying out online surveys, whether these are standalone, or used to support a postal or face-to-face survey. With greater numbers of the population now having access to the internet, online research methodologies are becoming increasingly useful, and we have noticed that they are becoming a standard requirement of quantitative research projects.

Enventure Research has the capacity to design interactive online surveys, including a variety of question types, which are hosted on a secure server. We can provide the option to have a survey open to all, or to have a personalised log in for each respondent completing the survey, allowing it to be more selective. Personalised email invitations and reminders can be sent to respondents to encourage them to participate.

Online surveys are highly cost-effective, as they have the potential to produce very large sample sizes, but the costs to manage them are generally low as there are no data entry or postage costs, meaning they are useful when available budgets and resources are low, and can provide quick turnaround when timescales are short. There is also the potential to use online surveys to boost postal survey response rates, providing respondents with the option to complete the questionnaire online should they prefer. They can be useful when researching certain target groups, such as children, young people and students, and allow respondents to participate in the research at a time convenient for them.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you are interested in conducting any form of online survey – we would be happy to help!

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