Postal Surveys

Postal Surveys

Self-completion postal surveys are a very commonly used and popular research methodology amongst Enventure Research’s clients. Enventure has experience of delivering many postal surveys of varying size, sent to sample sizes ranging from hundreds to several thousands, to locations across the UK and abroad, on a number of topics.

By designing an attractive and easy-to-complete questionnaire and covering letter, and administering carefully planned reminders and the use of incentives, such as a prize draw competition, response rates to Enventure Research’s previous self-completion postal surveys have been high, similar to that expected of a telephone or on-street survey.

Enventure utilises self-completion postal surveys as a research methodology when aiming to be inclusive of the general population, as paper copies of questionnaires can be completed by almost anyone without any specific requirements such as a computer or internet connection. They are also the most easily understood form of self-completion survey, meaning that they are accessible for all residents, and also allow respondents the opportunity to take time over their answers and perhaps consult other members of their household rather than quickly responding when directly asked a question, which means that more reliable results can be achieved if covering more complex issues.

A postal survey methodology also has the benefit of quickly and accurately achieving a representative sample via stratified random sampling of address databases, reaching more sparsely populated areas where face-to-face approaches can struggle.

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