Telephone Surveys

Telephone Surveys

A commonly used method of collecting quantitative data is the telephone survey, which can provide a very fast turnaround of data collection, where responses are immediately input into a database at our Computer Aided Telephone Interviewing (CATI) provider for analysis. The use of CATI allows us to ensure that questionnaires are answered correctly and that quotas are met.

Telephone surveys are an excellent methodology to select when attempting to research more dispersed populations, and again, when a quick turnaround is required. They also generally achieve high response rates (particularly when compared to other methods such as postal surveys), and avoid the need for data entry, meaning they can be a very cost-effective way of conducting quantitative research.

Using CATI can also allow for real-time data analysis, offering immediate access to current top-line survey results. Our partner fieldwork agency, Feedback Market Research, has its own CATI suite comprising 20 stations and operates 7 days a week to ensure all audiences can be successfully targeted and quotas achieved.

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